May 29, 2014

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Films

Benefits Safety Security Window Films

Brian Schauder, owner of Solar Solutions, recently started a safety and security window film job for a customer here in Florida. The customer was misinformed on the benefits and the expectations of the product. They were told if they installed the safety and security film their home would be “hurricane proof”.

This is indeed not the case. Safety and security film has many benefits, but stating their home would be hurricane proof is completely irresponsible. It is also against the law. This also applies to Vero Beach window tinting, regardless of automotive, residential, or commercial tinting.

Back in 2011, Florida HB 849, which went into effect, which makes it a violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, to advertise, sell, offer, provide, distribute or market any product as hurricane, windstorm or impact-resistant unless it is in compliance with the provisions for product approval in the Florida Building Code. This includes window film.

Common sense will also go a little ways. If a hurricane can rip open a roof, it only makes sense it can destroy a glass window as well. Security level window film is designed to reduce injury and damage by holding glass together after it breaks.

Safety and security film is a durable, thick window film that reinforces the glass windows. The resilient window film is designed to help hold broken glass within the window frame, so even if windows were shattered, a strong barrier would still be in place between the inside of the home and the harmful elements outside.

Window film does not need to be stored it is always offering you a level of protection twenty four hours a day. Safety film is not a stand alone product. It is only one portion which includes the glazing system used for your windows, the frame, and the glass. There are things you can do to make the installation stronger which include an attachment system.

Applying an attachment system to your glass and creating a bond from the glass and film to the window frame is a highly regarded security measure in retrofitting the existing glass area in your home or facility. The use of silicone structural glazing sealant is the most preferred anchoring method.

All though there has been some reluctance in using silicone since it can be difficult to make an aesthetically appealing bead and for that bead to meet the desired installation criteria. An attachment system has passed independent testing for adhesion and durability from a potential cyclic event as well as an increase in the strength by as much as 45%. There are also other forms of attachment systems that can even increase the strength further.

An attachment system is a must to achieve the best benefits from a safety and security film installation. At least from a protection and security stand point.

There are still many more benefits as well. Safety and security film rejects nearly 100 percent of ultraviolet light, all of you homes valuables and furnishings are much better protected against premature fading. Another benefit is that the safety and security film comes in the form of Solar Control.The film will not only keep temperatures down during the hot months reducing the amount of energy to keep your home cool, but also can insulate the windows to keep your home warm in the cold months.

These films include a metalized layer of polyester, sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals for exceptional, solar control performance capabilities and color. In addition to glass retention, they’re selected for their ability to offer privacy, balance, and to minimize eye-straining glare.

There are plenty of benefits for installing any type window film for your home. Contact Solar Solutions to learn more.

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