The Best Product Makes a Difference

At Solar Solutions, we have the option of using a variety of different window tinting products.  Companies will try to persuade businesses like ours to use their products.  Of course, each company believes its products are the best.  We have been in the window tinting business for over twenty years.  We use the highest quality product so that we give you the highest quality window tinting.

You may have even heard of some of the brands.  Popular brands in the window tinting industry are LLumar vista, 3M crystalline, and Madico.  However, the best brand available is Solar Gard which is the brand that we choose to use. Llumar vista produces window tint for residential and commercial use.  3M produces window tint for automobiles.  One advantage that Solar Gard has over LLumar vista and 3M products is that it is available for all three uses – automobile, residential, and commercial.  We use Solar Gard for a couple reasons.  We like that Solar Gard is a product that is produced from start to finish under one roof in San Diego, California.  Not only do we believe they produce the best product, but their product comes with the best warranty in the industry.

Solar Gard is under the parent company of SAINT-GOBAIN.  If you have not heard of SAINT-GOBAIN, we would like to give you a little background on the company to help you better understand why we trust their Solar Gard window tinting product.  SAINT-GOBAIN has been in business for over three hundred fifty (350) years!  The United States hasn’t even been an independent country for that long!  That is an impressive business model.

They are four times larger than the 3M corporation to give perspective as to the size and depth of their company.  They are more well known in Europe than 3M, as well.  Additionally, they are a major manufacturer of glass for automobiles, residences, and commercial buildings.  Because of their knowledge of glass, it put them in a perfect position to extend their business into glass (window) tinting.  They have done this by producing a superior product.  Another thing we love about Saint-Gobain is their commitment to the environment and producing eco-friendly products.  Along with caring for the environment, Saint-Gobain via Solar Gard cares for you!  They take pride in the fact that their automobile window tint can help protect you from skin cancer by providing UV ray protection.

Solar Solutions is proud to be locally owned and operated in Vero Beach, Florida.  We are proud to use a product that is not only made in the United States but is completed in its entirety under one roof with great care given to quality, safety, and the environment.  We proudly serve the east coast of Florida from the Vero Beach/Sebastian area to Port St. Lucie, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Merritt Island.  We want to be your first choice in window tinting because we are the best choice for providing the best product with Solar Gard.  Please give us a call today for all your vehicle, residential, and commercial window tinting needs.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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