The Benefits of Company Car Window Tinting

Sunscreens – Are They All the Same?

Sunscreens – Are They All the Same?

Ah yes, sunscreen – that ever-present lotion in the Sunshine State that also seems to have never-ending debates about how well it works.  If you are old enough, then you remember when sunscreen only came in lotion form prior to these convenient sprays....

Camping and Window Tinting Go Hand in Hand!

You may be driving around town in a vehicle with tinted windows.  You may work in a building with tinted windows.  You may even have tinted windows in your home (which we highly suggest).  But at Solar Solutions, we are willing to bet that you might have forgotten...

Window Tinting and Pedestrian Safety

At Solar Solutions, we take our window tinting business seriously.  We enjoy providing a service that benefits people.  Our top of the line window tinting helps protect people’s skin and their belongings from harmful UV rays.  We help keep people’s cars and homes in...

The Best Product Makes a Difference

At Solar Solutions, we have the option of using a variety of different window tinting products.  Companies will try to persuade businesses like ours to use their products.  Of course, each company believes its products are the best.  We have been in the window tinting...

Automotive Window Tint FAQs

If you’ve always wanted to tint the windows of your vehicle but had a few questions you wanted answered first, you’ve come to the right place! At Solar Solutions of Vero Beach we are happy to provide you with more information on one of the best decisions you can make...
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