Can Window Tinting Promote Safety?

Can Window Tinting Promote Safety?

Can Window Tinting Promote Safety?

As we all know, hurricane season in Florida is coming to a close. We can all agree that we are glad about this!  Hopefully, this finds you, your loved ones, and your property in good shape.  As always, we Floridians pick up the pieces, help one another out,...
Do Children Need Sunglasses?

Do Children Need Sunglasses?

You would be hard-pressed to find an adult that doesn’t own sunglasses here in Florida.  We do live in the Sunshine State, after all.  But, what about the kids?  Do they need sunglasses?  You will sometimes see little ones sporting their shades,...

Brrr…It’s Cold (for Florida)!

Yes, it is winter everywhere in the northern hemisphere.  While other states or countries may be under the impression that Florida doesn’t experience winter, those of us who live here know that isn’t true.  Our winter isn’t severe, but it does exist!  In fact, many...

Brevard Treats Its Animals with Respect

Many of you reading this have pets. Many of you have rescued those pets from local shelters. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t, but we do hope you will consider it the next time you are on the hunt for a new pet. Why? Quite simply, there are plenty of animals waiting for...

How Tinted Windows Help with Holiday Safety

We realize that window tinting is probably not the first thing you think of when you think of the holiday season!  Of course, here at Solar Solutions, we are ALWAYS thinking about window tinting and what it can do for you, our potential and returning customers.  With...
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