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Should I Buy a Used Car with Poor Window Tint?

So, you are on the hunt for a new-to-you car. This can be very exciting. While some might think it is more exciting to buy a brand new car, the truth is that financial experts will tell you that it is a wiser and better use of your money to purchase vehicles that are...

You Get What You Pay For

“You get what you pay for” sounds a little like “you get what you deserve.”  Yikes!  That can be a scary prospect when you are talking about services rendered.  We often want to opt for the company that offers the cheapest price without thinking about the...

What Belongs in Our Green Yard Waste Bins?

It can get confusing – the trash bin, the yard waste bin which may look the same as the trash bin, and the recycle bin.  What goes where is something that we all get mixed up at some point.  Today we are going to focus on our green yard waste bins.   These bins...

Nothing New Under the Sun

There are plenty of sayings that reiterate the point the title of this blog makes, such as “History always repeats itself.”  It’s funny that, as humans, we think that we are coming up with new, innovative ideas when, in fact, many of these “new” ideas are just an...
Solar Solutions is a licensed and certified Vero Beach window tinting dealer. We’re an all-around window tinting service that provides automotive window tinting, commercial window tinting, and home window tinting in the Vero Beach, FL and surrounding area.

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