May 28, 2014

Why SolarGard Window Film?

SolarGard Window Film

At Solar Solutions, we often get asked why SolarGard window film? Why not 3M? Why not Madico? Why not SunTek? Why not Llumar? What is the difference?

Solar Solutions started professionally window tinting in Vero Beach in April of 1994, and have been installing ever since. Since then, we have exclusively used SolarGard window films during most of this time frame. That isn’t to say we haven’t tried the other brands over the course of time as we most certainly have tried all of them.

To not try the other film manufacturer’s products would be doing myself, and my customer’s a disservice. We aren’t brand loyal, and instead a “results loyal” consumer. It is our duty as a professional to install the best available product regardless of the manufacturer.

We frequently get visited by all of the different film manufacturers sales representatives. They all claim to have the latest and greatest window film. I bit in 1998 on one of the latest and greatest sales pitches and switched to another brand for two years.

At the end of the two years we were replacing more window film under warranty then ever. The amount of comebacks due to the failures was incredible! All of the warranty problems then turned into a fight with the film manufacturer to cover their product! It was a nightmare! We switched back to SolarGard after this terrible experience.

The film representatives still come around, and we’re still willing to try their products. They offer sample rolls which of course take and strictly use on personal applications. This is the only way to know if the product they are selling is indeed the latest and greatest as they are claiming. To try it, and use it in a monitored enviroment. Some of the samples have done just fine in personal testing, and a lot have failed. I would have some that would get blurry and completely distort the view after a year. I would have some that would bubble. I would have some that would have hard coat failures. I would have some that would also last well and do just fine. The results varied quite a bit. My personal tests didn’t yield any better product results then what I was already experiencing with SolarGard.

In our twenty years of using SolarGard window film we have personally experienced a very low failure rate. Does SolarGard have failures? Yes they do from time to time. I would put the percentage of failures at 3% based on warranty submittals I have made through the years. The biggest thing for me as a professional, and someone who is guareenteeing an installation is what happens if a failure were to occur? The process is simple. A warranty form is filled out, and submitted – that simple. No asterisks. No blame game. No excuses. No arguing. Not anything. It costs the vehicle or home owner nothing, and Solar Solutions get reimbursed by SolarGard. A manufacturer who actually stands behind their product! Isn’t that refreshing?

For over thirty years, SolarGard has been one of the most trusted and popular window film lines in the world. They only make window film. They concentrate all of their efforts on their window film products, and not on the other things. They offer quality products with great results. They stand behind their products without question. They offer technical support promptly, and professionally. In our twenty years of professional window tinting we have yet to find a better window film manufacturer that can do more for our customers. This is why Solar Solutions use SolarGard!

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