June 2, 2014

Car Care Tip Of The Week: Rain-X

Car Care Tips Rain X

Maintaining your car can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the ever so unpredictable Florida weather. Your Sebastian window tinting dealer wants to share the following tips with you:

Applying Rain-X

Applying Rain-X isn’t to difficult, but there are some tricks to get a better application on your windshield. When applying the product it is better to be in the shade, and with glass that is cool to the touch.

Step One: Apply the product to a damp microfiber or paper towel. All you are going to do is rub the product onto the windshield in a circular motion. Make sure to coat the entire windshield and let it haze.

Step Two: This is the most important part. Wait! Be patient. Let it dry for a minimum of fifteen minutes, and longer won’t hurt anything Most people are in a rush to remove the product, because they fear it won’t come off. The haze will come off when its time.

Step Three: Using the same technique used in step one you are simply going to reapply over the top of the hazed windshield. Then again just be patient, and let it dry. A minimum of fifteen minutes to thirty minutes is good.

Step Four: Spray the glass with a mist of clean water. Either from your hose or a spray bottle. The simply dry with your regular drying towel. You shouldn’t need to buff or scrub. The haze should be completely gone.

When following these tips you should get an application that lasts three to four months.

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