Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

Windows add distinction, elegance and light to your home. Window panes can also be a great source of heat gain in summer or heat loss in winter. Most people spend a lot of money replacing windows in their homes and businesses to minimize this problem.

However, there is another cheaper option that you can consider – window tinting. There are many forms of window tinting; residential, commercial and automotive. With summer approaching, you need to consider window tinting in Vero Beach to prepare for the ferocious Florida summer heat.

Cuts Back On Harmful UV Rays

Suns UV rays have damaging effects to human skin. They can lead to skin cancer and other related ailments. Protecting yourself from these rays when inside your home or car is not easy if your windows are not tinted. Hiring professionals to tint your windows can help protect your family members from harmful UV rays. Properly installed window films can reduce the sun’s rays by 90% or more.

Tint Protects Furniture

It is the desire of every person to have enough light in their house or office during the day. However, the brutal Florida heat forces most people to have their curtain closed to protect their furniture from being damaged. Window tinting can greatly reduce the damage caused by sun on your fabrics, furniture, artwork and carpet. It is important to note that having your window tinted is cheaper than replacing or repainting damaged furniture.

Increased Energy Savings

Window panes allow heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This has a negative effect on energy bill in homes. Losing heat in winter when it is in great need in the house means that more heating is needed to compensate for the loss. This leads to increase in energy bills. You can reduce this heat loss by tinting your windows.

Window tint makes your windows more energy-efficient and improves the comfort in your home or office as well. Window tint also lowers the loss of air conditioning in hotter months.

Safety and Protection

Adding window tinting in your home, office or car can also improve its security. When the normal windows are broken, glass flies all over the place injuring the occupants of the car or building. The broken window also leaves a huge hole where burglars can use to get access to your home or car. Windows with a tint film stay attached to the film after the window is broken.

This protects the people around the place from injuries. The film also makes the window hard to break. You may also consider installing hurricane window film to protect your home against natural disasters, vandalism and violent storms.


Window tinting makes it difficult for people outside your house or car to see what is happening inside. This means that you can go about your business without worrying about other people. Privacy window film can be used office, bathroom, on glass door panels, on kitchen cabinet doors and windows that face the street. You can add tint that allows you to see what is happening outside, but prevents people from being able to see in.

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