Automotive Window Tinting FAQ Easy Reference Guide

We at Solar Solutions window tinting routinely get asked the same questions, and decided to make an easy reference guide for the most common questions.

How long before I can let my windows down?

It is preferred to leave them up for a twenty four period. Any longer is really not necessary.

My windows are streaky and have bubbles? Will these go away?

Yes. This is completely normal for the first forty eight hours. Depending on your film selection it could take a little less or a little more time to cure. It is best to leave the vehicle in the sun to help the curing process. The more it sees the sun is the quicker the film will dry.

What should I clean my windows with? Is Windex OK?

Solar Solutions Window Tinting of Vero Beach prefers and highly recommends Sprayway Foaming Glass Cleaner. Any glass cleaning product is okay and safe to use however and will not harm your window film. It is more important to use a soft microfiber towel or paper towel. Stay away from the course paper towels that have high bumps. After repeated use these can cause scratches.

What does the warranty cover?

Solar Solutions carries many different lines of window film all having a lifetime warranty. It is a nationwide warranty backed by the manufacturer Solar Gard. The warranty covers adhesive failure, bubbling, peeling, delamination, cracking/demetalization and color change depending on the film selected. It is very important to keep your warranty card. If you do not have your warranty card it will result in you not having a warranty. Please keep it in a safe place such as the glove box or a file with your car records. Do not lose it!

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