Window Film in Museums

For over three decades window film has seamlessly protected and preserved artistic environments by minimizing fading through the ultraviolet rays. In museums and art galleries the radiation from the natural sunlight can cause harm to the art, materials and collections. Ultraviolet radiation is damaging to fibers, polymers, and artifacts. UV light is invisible to the human eye, and when museums use window film to block the unwanted solar radiation, there is no change in appearance of the art within.

It is vitally important for museums to have window film to protect the collection of artifacts and scientific, artistic, cultural and historic objects. These valuable objects on display need the proper climate conditions, management to keep them safe, and high-quality window film to prevent damaging ultraviolet rays and heat seeping in through the windows.

In museums light is necessary to be able to view the artifacts, but too much light can cause unnecessary damage. Excess lighting causes unjustifiable damage to paintings, and the standard of visible lighting allowed in museums are measured in lux or foot-candles. A lux is a standardized unit of measurement of light intensity. About ten lux is one foot-candle.

The most susceptible materials in museums to light damage are textiles, cotton, paper-based materials, watercolors, fugitive photographic images, most organic based history specimens, fugitive dyes, and some minerals. The recommended levels of visible light used are 50 lux. The least susceptible materials used are metal, stone, glass, ceramic, and inorganic history specimens.

A study was performed in 2008 on four window film manufacturers by Samantha Springer to see the percentage of ultraviolet and visible light filtering in through the films on about 250 windows and doors at the Winterthur Museum. Some films tested better than others and some did not meet the requirements. What they found was most of the films had a similar absorbance pattern, but Madico Window Films performed the best in Winterthur Museum’s study.

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