Upgrade Your Windows with Window Film

When windows start to look old or outdated many homeowners consider replacing their windows, but the truth is most of the time this is not necessary. Many older windows may actually be higher quality than some of the newer windows being installed today. Adding window film instead of replacing the windows may be a better, more cost efficient option.

It’s best to get a professional opinion on whether window film can salvage your old windows. Give Solar Solutions Window Tinting in Vero Beach a call before you make your next move. Window film is a flexible product that is made up of multiple layers of coated or chemically treated film designed to protect against the sun’s UV rays. When installed properly, they improve the appearance of windows and add a layer of protection against sunlight.

Having your windows tinted is far less intrusive and takes much less time than getting new windows installed in your home. Plus, window tint is a fraction of what it would cost to replace all the windows in your home. The overall window film installation process for your home or office is smooth, quiet and quick if you choose Solar Solutions.

Professional window film is about one third of the cost of replacement windows, which is a major reason why many people opt to have their windows tinted instead of replacing them. If you want to ensure all windows match you would have to replace all the windows in your home, but window film can be applied to all windows and doors without the worry about having some old windows mixed with some new windows. You will also save energy with an ultra-violet resistant film since it blocks out most of the sun’s heat, reducing the amount of energy consumed by your air conditioning. Window film is most efficient because it helps regulate the temperature inside of your home. Blocking out heat in the summertime and retaining the heat during the winter keeps your home structurally sound.  It also protects the belongings and furniture in your home from fading.

If you are not required to replace your current windows, contact us at Solar Solutions. We can help you save up to 30% on your utility bill with our window film. Your comfort will increase while you consume less energy, your family will be better protected if any of the windows in your home break, and your security increases. We do residential tinting along with auto and commercial tinting, and we serve Palm Bay, Sebastian, Vero Beach and beyond. Call us today for more information at (772) 633-6795.

Solar Solutions is a licensed and certified Vero Beach window tinting dealer. We’re an all-around window tinting service that provides automotive window tinting, commercial window tinting, and home window tinting in the Vero Beach, FL and surrounding area.

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