The Benefits of Tinting Your Home Windows

In our last blog entry, we discussed how car window tinting would make a wonderful Christmas gift, citing all the advantages tinting provides. Solar Solutions of Vero does more than just tint vehicle windows though! We also provide commercial and residential window tinting in Vero Beach and the surrounding areas of Sebastian, Florida. As a licensed and certified business with years of expertise, we can set you up with quality films at a reasonable price. Solar Solution’s experts will help you find the appropriate tint film color, reflectivity, and shade to meet your needs of privacy, protection, energy management and/or security.

Many people only associate tint with automobiles, but there are numerous benefits to tinting your home windows too. Solar window film is applied to window interiors and is beneficial in deflecting direct sunlight and serves as a heat barrier. Here is a review of the advantages of home window tint taken from our webpage:

  • Lowers heating and cooling cost and reduces utility bill by 30%
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Added security and peace of mind by serving as a deterrent barrier against intruders
  • Privacy and curb appeal of your home enhanced
  • Your family and belongings are protected from damaging ultra violet rays
  • Comfort is improved by providing solar heat and glare protection
  • Protection provided by holding shards of glass together if broken

Just like with automobiles, it is advantageous and aesthetically appealing to have your residential windows tinted. The beneficial qualities range from privacy to energy efficiency. While windows provide natural lighting, views, and warmth they can also detrimentally affect your home interior, health, energy costs and safety while positively affecting curb appeal and privacy.  Since there is an assortment of shades and colors of window tint film, it is easy to match a choice with your home’s style, resulting in an appealing look. Along with increased curb appeal, tint also provides safety. Reflective tints allow you to see out without being seen from the other side. In case of storms, accidents or break-ins, window tint film helps to hold the glass in place during impact.

Along the lines of safety, window tinting can protect the health of your family by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These detrimental rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging. The tint provides a barrier to the harmful rays and protects your loved ones and your belongings. The interior of your home, without the benefits of window tint film, is exposed to solar heat and intense direct natural lighting. Window film tint can protect your belongings from the sun which can fade flooring, curtains, art, window treatments and upholstery. A window film with a high percentage of rejecting ultraviolet light is highly beneficial.

Lastly, tinting the windows in your house will increase the energy efficiency of your home. Window tint film reduces the amount of heat entering the home, making it easier to keep the house cool in summer months. Tint also insulates keeping the heat inside during the winter months. Energy bills will also be reduced by Solar Solutions window film, helping you to save on utility expenses. If you reside in Brevard County or St. Lucie County and these amazing perks relating to residential window tinting appeal to you, contact us at 772-633-6795.

Solar Solutions is a licensed and certified Vero Beach window tinting dealer. We’re an all-around window tinting service that provides automotive window tinting, commercial window tinting, and home window tinting in the Vero Beach, FL and surrounding area.

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