Residential Window Tinting – It Really Works!

Here at Solar Solutions of Vero Beach, we like to provide our customers with helpful and informative blog postings that talk about the benefits of automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting, as well as the potential dangers from the sun. This is important to us that you truly understand why it is so important to slap some tint on those windows. In the past several weeks, we’ve identified a few ways that window tinting can benefit you. If you missed them, don’t panic. You can go back and read all of those blogs by clicking here.

Instead of throwing more facts about sunburns and statistics about Ultra Violet (UV) rays at you, we’d like to take a minute to focus on a residential window tinting success story from the west coast of Florida. This immaculate, three-story house, truly brings the outdoors in with its cathedral ceilings and trapezoidal windows. The home is positioned so that it is continuously drenched in sunlight, day after day. It offers panoramic views of the breathtaking scenery.

As beautiful as the nature views are, the brightness of the sun unfortunately compromised the views, and the harmful UV rays damaged the furnishings, hard wood floors, and precious artifacts inside the house. This caused the summer months to be grueling for the residents of the home. They looked for a solution for their solar heat problems.

As they began searching for an answer, the use of solar control window film was discovered as the remedy to a similar residential problem in a nearby home. Window tint consultants were brought into the home so they could assess the situation and provide their recommendation to the family. They strongly suggested a dual reflective film that blocks all UV light by 99.9%, reduces glare by 58%, and lowers solar heat by 47%. The transparent, razor thin film allows just the right amount of sunlight through while also protecting the area from damaging effects.

By taking action and tinting their windows, the homeowners eliminated the sun glare and heat problems while preserving the magnificent daytime and evening views from their home. Additionally, their furnishings, fabrics, artwork, and other belongings will not fade. If you’d like to have a local success story in Brevard and St. Lucie counties that is similar to this one, call us at 772-633-6795 to get started!

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