New Year, New Products

As a new year quickly approaches, many of us make resolutions…those things that seem like a good idea at midnight but not so brilliant in the light of day! One resolution that will never steer you wrong is to resolve to learn new things in the new year and to educate yourself on something you didn’t know about in the previous year.

Brian Schauder of Solar Solutions is not content to keep doing the same old thing year after year. He knows that to stay fresh and at the top of his game in the window tinting industry it is important to take part in “continuing education” or staying up to date on the most relevant topics and procedures in the industry. That is just one more reason why his twenty-plus years of experience is so valuable. His experience isn’t twenty years old, but fresh and new with twenty years of practicing his trade employing integrity, honesty, and quality.

The newest product that Brian has in his bag of tricks is Glassparency. Glassparency is a “hydrophobic” product which technically means “afraid of water!” It can be applied to all glass and mirrors which is the primary reason that Brian decided to get trained to be an applicator of Glassparency. It is a great product to pair with window tinting. Once your windows (home, vehicle, or commercial) are professionally tinted by Brian, he can then apply Glassparency to repel all water keeping your windows clean and pristine!

An additional fact about Glassparency is that it can even be applied to granite, tile, porcelain, and cement to keep these surfaces clean and free of water stains. If it’s strong enough to do that, imagine how effective it will be on your windows! Brian can apply this to your vehicle, residential, or commercial windows, as well as your boat windows! Think about how much easier your boat will be to drive as the water pours off your windows giving you a beautiful, clear view!

You just got a jump on the new year by learning about this fabulous product. We are proud to service a range of areas from Vero Beach and Sebastian up through the beautiful Space Coast of Brevard County. Call Solar Solutions today at 773-633-6795. Let us make Glassparency a part of your new year!

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