Window Tinting and Pedestrian Safety

At Solar Solutions, we take our window tinting business seriously.  We enjoy providing a service that benefits people.  Our top of the line window tinting helps protect people’s skin and their belongings from harmful UV rays.  We help keep people’s cars and homes in better condition by not experiencing the full effect of the sun’s destructive rays.  We even help keep people safer as our window tint does not shatter when broken.  Along with helping our fellow Florida residents, we also want to provide a helpful warning – don’t use illegal window tint!

There are laws regarding the darkness of the window tinting for your vehicles.  This does not bother us at Solar Solutions, but instead, we are appreciative of these laws.  Why?  It is simple.  These laws help the same people that we are helping…you!  We know that the blacked out windows look cool.  We aren’t disagreeing.  However, they pose a safety hazard.

We are particularly aware of this right now with school starting up again in Brevard County towns like Melbourne and Palm Bay.  There is an increase in pedestrians when school is in session.  Children are walking to and from school, sometimes with siblings and/or parents and sometimes alone.  Many are riding bikes and skateboards as their school transportation.  As responsible adults in cars, we must be extra cautious during the hours before and after school.  For all intents and purposes, a car can be a lethal weapon.  Children, bikes, and skateboards don’t stand a chance against an SUV!

Some of you may be thinking that the kids should be watching for cars.  They absolutely should, but we are the adults.  We know how to use good judgment and logic, so it is up to us to be extra cautious to make up for their carefree ways.  If your tint is too dark, it can make it harder to see pedestrians.  Conversely, it makes it hard for the pedestrians to see you.  Of course, they can see your car, but they can’t see if you are waving at them to go or where you are looking or even if you see them.

Some things cannot be prevented.  A child dashes out in front of you when you clearly have the right of way or runs out from between parked cars and you didn’t see them.  But, we can prevent putting illegal tint on our car windows.  The simple act of obeying the law and visiting our company which abides by the law can literally save a life.

At Solar Solutions of Vero Beach, we use the highest quality Solar Gard window tint for your vehicle, home, or business.  We are familiar with the Florida laws regarding window tint and will never apply an illegal tint, but will instead help you make a great choice for your vehicle.  Window tint is well worth the investment for the protection it provides you, your car, your home, and your business.  We look forward to meeting your window tinting needs, so call us today!

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