Can Window Tinting Actually Help Me?

Window tinting serves a variety of purposes. Many people may be unaware of the various benefits it provides, so we thought we would share some of these with you. Window tinting is available for your vehicle, commercial building, or home.  Each of these has its benefits.

For your vehicle, there is the benefit of protecting your upholstery and dashboard from the wear and tear of the sun’s UV rays which cause fading and cracking.  It also reduces how hot the upholstery is, so you don’t burn your legs so badly when getting in the car in the summer!  Additionally, it protects YOU from the sun’s UV rays which can protect your arms from sunburn and even skin cancer.

In your commercial building (place of business), window tint keeps the interior temperature regulated keeping the interior of your building more comfortable for everyone working there, as well as clients or customers.  This regulated temperature keeps your air conditioner or heater from being needed as often which in turn lowers your electric bill.  It is a fact that window tinting brings down your utility costs.  As with your vehicle, it also prevents fading of any interior upholstery like office furniture. It prevents carpet fading, as well, to keep your office space looking newer and fresher than an office without window tinting.

In your home, window tinting has a myriad of benefits.  Along with preventing furniture and carpet fading, it prevents fading in hardwood floors and artwork.  Not only does your home stay newer and fresher looking, it can help protect valuable furniture and artwork.  As with a commercial building, it also helps regulate the temperature of your home, bringing down the cost of your utility bill.

There are other benefits of window tinting that you may have never heard of, so we wanted to make sure you read about them here!  If you suffer from migraine headaches, you may be very sensitive to light.  Window tinting cuts down on the intensity of the light entering your home making it more comfortable for you.  This is also helpful if anybody in your home is sensory sensitive.  For those with sensory processing disorders, light can be interpreted as being much brighter than it is to the average person.  This may cause the person’s eyes to hurt or make them feel very upset or uncomfortable.  Window tinting is a great idea if anyone in your home is sensitive to light for any reason.

Direct light brings extra heat with it.  We already mentioned the lower electric bills and more comfortable, steady temperature.  Heat tends to make us feel lethargic.  If you work from home or homeschool your children, window tinting may help with productivity.  You or your children may feel less lethargic and more prone to get more work done in a more efficient manner instead of feeling like it’s nap time!

If any of the above benefits appeal to you, then please call us today at Solar Solutions.  We have been in the window tinting business for over twenty years in Vero Beach.  We use the highest quality products and take great pride in our work leaving you with a product with which you are fully satisfied.  We offer free estimates and serve many areas of Florida’s east coast and offer window tinting from Fort Pierce and Sebastian up through Melbourne and Viera, so give us a call today!

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