Should I Buy a Used Car with Poor Window Tint?

So, you are on the hunt for a new-to-you car. This can be very exciting. While some might think it is more exciting to buy a brand new car, the truth is that financial experts will tell you that it is a wiser and better use of your money to purchase vehicles that are used. A brand new car literally depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. In fact, according, a vehicle can depreciate by as much as ten percent within the first MONTH of ownership. That’s depressing!

In purchasing a used vehicle, it doesn’t have to be old to be a good deal. Often, you can get good deals on cars that are just a year or two old. It depends on your budget and what features you are desiring. For example, vehicles that are ten years old may not be equipped with newer “extras” like a navigation system, backup camera, or heated seats. These have become more common in newer models. Sometimes, these things can be added on to a vehicle after you purchase it though. So, if a car you like is missing one of these features, don’t be afraid to ask how much it would cost to have it added on by a professional. If the car is a good enough deal, then it still might be worth it to pay $1,000 to add on a much-desired feature.

Remember that cars are generally temporary purchases, meaning you most likely will not keep it forever. It needs to fit your current needs and whatever needs you expect for the next several years. But, if you don’t plan to have children within the next seven to ten years, then you probably don’t need to bother purchasing a Suburban or minivan! Get the car that will give you the most use now and for the next several years, knowing that you will probably be trading it in or selling it privately in order to purchase your next vehicle.

So, we mentioned the fact that your vehicle might be missing a feature that you would like such as heated seats. What if it has something you want, but it is done poorly? For example, what if the car has tinted windows, but they were either done by the previous owner or a less than excellent shop, resulting in bubbles or uneven tint? Don’t let this keep you from purchasing the car you want if it checks all the other boxes on your list of what you want. You simply need to consult a professional.

At Solar Solutions, we use only the highest quality products. Combined with over twenty years of experience, we have the recipe for a beautiful window tinting job. If your vehicle has window tinting that is bubbling or peeling, let us take care of it for you. With our products and workmanship, you will never have to worry about that happening again. We are located in Vero Beach and serve all surrounding areas such as Sebastian, Fort Pierce, Palm Bay, and Melbourne, FL with our professional window tinting services. Give us a call today and let us make your dream car a reality!

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