How Window Tinting has Changed

In our modern society with so many conveniences, we often forget there was a time before all of these readily accessible things that make our lives easier and better.  Well, at least they are supposed to make our lives easier and better.  Who hasn’t gotten mad at technology before, right?  When your GPS is taking you in circles or the automated voice on the phone can’t understand your response, technology doesn’t seem so grand!  Nevertheless, we live in an era of great conveniences.


We so often see vehicles and commercial buildings with window tint that we probably don’t ever think about the fact that there was a time such tint did not exist.  For those of you that have experienced the benefits of window tint, this might be hard to imagine.  After all, window tinting helps to regulate the temperature of the vehicle or building that has its windows tinted.  It keeps utility costs noticeably lower.  It provides UV protection for people and possessions.  On homes, it keeps furniture, flooring, and artwork from sun damage which causes fading.  Yes, window tint is something we have grown accustomed to and probably take for granted in some ways.



We looked into the history of window tinting to share some of its interesting facts with you.  Window tinting started in approximately the 1940s.  There was a company that could do window tint at that time, but people would sometimes try to do it themselves (as they often do now – oftentimes unsuccessfully, we might add).  However, at that time it was a spray, not a film.  It was not easy to apply and often turned out poorly with an uneven finish.


Window tint film was invented in 1966 and gave birth to modern window tinting.  This first type of window tinting was “dye-based” and actually had the opposite effect of current window tinting, absorbing heat rather than reflecting it.  That was obviously not satisfactory.  The 1990s saw an improvement on this original film by mixing metal with the dye.  It reduced heat absorption but could cause interference with electronics.

Ceramic Films

Finally, ceramic films were invented giving us the window tint we have today that rejects UV rays, providing protection from heat and sun damage.  People often still try “do it yourself” window tinting kits, but they are of poor quality material compared to the top of the line professional grade materials we use here at Solar Solutions.  With over twenty years of experience, the application of our products is flawless.  You will never have to worry about bubbling or peeling.  Additionally, our materials prevent broken shards from falling when a window is broken, holding the shattered pieces together to provide protection.  Our professional installation cannot be beaten.  We offer free estimates and are certain you will be pleased with our professionalism.  If you live along Florida’s east coast from Melbourne down through Fort Pierce to Sebastian and are considering window tinting, let us be the company you choose for your vehicle, home, and commercial building window tinting needs.

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