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Car with Tinted Windows

We almost titled this blog “Car-Related Gifts for Guys,” but then we realized…wait a minute, there’s a lot of female car enthusiasts out there too!  So, this blog is for those of you who have a car lover in your life – male or female, young or old.  For those who really care about their cars, there are a number of factors that play into it.  Age isn’t a factor.  A sixteen-year-old could really care about his or her car, especially because it’s their first vehicle!  It may even be a clunker, but it’s theirs and will always be a memory for them.  Who doesn’t remember their first car even if they hated it?  Some people cherish their first car so much that they hold on to it forever or keep it to pass down to their children as their first car.


The type of car also doesn’t necessarily matter.  Someone may take care of their old Ford Pinto just as much as someone with a Maserati.  Taking care of a car shouldn’t only happen if it’s a fancy, expensive car.  If you treat your car right, it will usually return the favor!  A lot of people name their car which gives it a “personality” in a sense. It may encourage you to take care of it a little more.  One young man had a Subaru Outback.  He named her “Sheila” in reference to the fact they were from Australia and Sheila is an Australian slang word for girl.  When he traded her in for his next car, he said his own little goodbye.  Another local family had their Dodge truck for almost fourteen years!  They bought it new and used it on all their family road trips during those years.  When they finally traded it in, they said that they thanked it for all the good memories and told it to be a blessing to another family now.  It’s funny, but we do get attached to our cars!


If you know somebody who really enjoys taking care of their car, then we know a great gift idea…anything car-related!  Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries are in the bag!  You can choose from items like microfiber cloths and washing mitts to high-pressure spray nozzle attachments for the hose.  For high-end gifts, there are many choices from new paint jobs to new tires.


Our personal favorite is window tint!  Why?  Because that’s what we do!  Solar Solutions is located in Vero Beach and has been in the window tinting business for over twenty years.  We apply the highest quality Solar Gard window tint.  We have very reasonable prices and think you will be pleasantly surprised.  It won’t be a high-end gift cost-wise, but it will make your loved one’s car look high-end!


We offer free estimates and outstanding quality that you cannot get at just any fly-by-night tinting business.  Our longevity in the business, as well as our long list of satisfied customers, speaks for itself!  If you are in the Vero Beach or Sebastian areas and are considering window tinting as a gift for your loved one’s car, home or office, then give us a call today and make your car lover’s day!

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