Should Schools Consider Window Tint?

School tinted windows

We are used to seeing cars with tinted windows.  We are even pretty used to seeing commercial buildings with tinted windows.  You may visualize big skyscrapers in New York or Chicago with reflective tint on their windows, but even single-story, family-owned businesses have discovered the benefits of tinting their windows.  And, even if your home doesn’t have tinted windows, you may have seen some homes in your neighborhood that have them.


Why do all these cars, buildings, and homes have tinted windows?  Quite frankly, it is a very smart investment (and not even a terribly expensive one!).  Window tinting has many benefits, which is a reason why we think that schools should consider tinting their windows if they haven’t already done so.  Are the windows at your child’s school tinted?  You may not have even noticed, but we bet you will now!


It’s Cost Efficient

How could tinting the windows of schools benefit the school and your children?  For the school, it is simply a matter of money.  Window tinting is a very cost-effective way to save money in the long run.  Window tint would help maintain the temperature in the various classrooms, offices, and multi-use spaces which would greatly reduce the utility bill for the school.  Can you imagine if all the schools in one school district did this?  The school district would be able to allocate the savings on the utility bill to other areas that need money like textbooks or playground equipment!


It Reduces UV Rays

Additionally, the fewer harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that come into the classroom, the less wear and tear on the classroom itself.  This is true, of course, for all the spaces such as the office, as well.  The carpet, flooring, and paint will all endure fewer UV rays making them less prone to fading.  It can also help protect the books and computers within the classrooms and office.


It Regulates Temperature

As for your children, it can help them in much the same ways it helps those who have the windows of their homes and businesses tinted.  Kids are more likely to be attentive and stay on task if they are comfortable.  With window tint, the temperature in the room stays much more regulated. With fewer fluctuations, the kids won’t be getting too hot or too cold.  Bright light can also be distracting or troublesome for some children.  For example, kids with Sensory Processing Disorder are often overly-sensitive to light and prefer a darker work environment.  Without intense, bright sun rays coming into the classroom, such children will be more comfortable.


As you can see, there is truly no downside to having the windows of our Brevard County schools tinted.  When you pick up your children today, remember to notice if their school’s windows are tinted.  If not, why not write a letter or make a call to the school board or school district?  Perhaps it can be voted upon at the next school board meeting.  You could be a part of really making a difference in the learning environment of your children and all those who will attend the school in years to come.


Our Verdict – YES!

If you are interested in having any windows tinted – vehicle, commercial building (including schools!), or home, then please give us a call at Solar Solutions today.  We are located in Vero Beach, but serve surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Melbourne, Sebastian, and Fort Pierce.  We offer free estimates and would love to be a part of making your local school an environment that is conducive to learning and comfortable for the children and teachers alike.  

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