Indoor Gardens – Fun and Useful

While most of us are familiar with outdoor gardening, a newer concept that many people are enjoying is that of indoor gardening.  While outdoor gardens can obviously be larger, indoor gardens definitely have their place.  For instance, for those with small yards or even no yards, like condo dwellers, indoor gardens are a perfect solution.


You may be imagining a square wooden box filled with soil and baby plants in the middle of your living room.  This is NOT indoor gardening.  Well, actually, it IS indoor gardening, but not the kind we are recommending!  You can make your indoor garden small like a few tiny pots of basic herbs that you place in the kitchen windowsill.  If this is how you would like to start, then choose herbs that you will actually use.  If you have never used thyme in your life, then don’t bother growing it!


What Can I Grow Indoors?

You can grow more than you might expect using your indoor garden.  The size of the space you wish to use will be the first factor to consider when beginning your indoor garden.  As we said, it can be as small as a windowsill garden or as large as taking up a wall or even a room in your home.  It is your garden, and you get to decide how simple or elaborate it is going to be.  You may want to start small, though, to decide if you enjoy indoor gardening before you purchase a ton of gardening supplies.


Indoor gardening is no longer limited to just herbs but includes fruits and vegetables too.  Just think about it…no more standing out in the hot sun with sweat dripping off the end of your nose while you tend to your garden and pick fresh veggies for dinner.  You can do it in the comfort of your air-conditioned home!


Popular items to grow indoors include peppers, mushrooms, strawberries, and mini tomatoes!  If you aren’t sure how to start, then you can look online and find indoor garden kits that can help you to get started.  Once you get the hang of it, you may want to venture out into other items that weren’t included in your kit.


What are the Benefits?

The great thing about doing your own gardening either indoors or outdoors is that you know your herbs, fruits, and vegetables from your garden are organic!  Unless you choose to use fertilizers and pesticides that are chemically-enhanced, you have the opportunity to eat fresh, home-grown food without the worry of what might possibly be on your food that you can’t see.


You might be wondering if you can control your indoor gardening environment enough for the plants to grow properly.  There are some gardening kits that come with special lighting.  But, for basic home indoor gardening, such as in the windowsill, for example, a great way to help control the amount of light and heat coming in the window near your garden is through window tinting.


Can Window Tint Impact an Indoor Garden?

You may have never considered having your home’s windows tinted before, but now is a great time, particularly if you are beginning your own indoor garden.  Home window tint reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that come into your home.  It also helps to regulate the temperature in your home, keeping your home at a more constant temperature, and preventing your air conditioner or heater from having to turn off and on so frequently.  This will provide substantial savings on your utility bill each month.


If you are interested in having your home’s windows tinted, please give us a call at Solar Solutions.  We can complete all the windows of a typical sized home in just one working day!  Today you have a beam of light streaming through the window frying the leaves of your fledgling indoor garden.  Tomorrow those same leaves will be basking in the controlled warmth of the sun coming through the tinted window without that intense light and heat.  And, you will feel the difference too!  Solar Solutions is located in Vero Beach and serves our beautiful east coast of Florida, including such places as Palm Bay, Melbourne, Ft. Pierce, and Sebastian with our window tinting services.  Give us a call today and have a comfortable home tomorrow!

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