Do Children Need Sunglasses?

You would be hard-pressed to find an adult that doesn’t own sunglasses here in Florida.  We do live in the Sunshine State, after all.  But, what about the kids?  Do they need sunglasses?  You will sometimes see little ones sporting their shades, feeling like big kids.  You may even see babies with sunglasses on with little elastic straps that hold them onto the babies’ heads.  So, are they necessary?


Believe it or not, forms of sunglasses have existed since very early times when people would use things like bone or gems to reflect the sun’s rays or diminish the glare of the sun.  According to, the widespread use of sunglasses began in the early 1900s.  On this site, it states, “Inexpensive mass-production of sunglasses started in 1929 when Sam Foster introduced them to America.”  Yes, this is the Foster of the now-famous Foster Grant company.


Sunglasses were never designed solely for fashion, but have always been manufactured with the purpose of protecting people’s eyes from the sun’s rays.  We now know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be damaging to our skin as well as to our eyes.  There are multiple eye diseases that can be linked to exposure to UV rays, according to   These include macular degeneration, solar retinitis, and corneal dystrophies.


Macular degeneration can affect your vision. Solar retinitis can result in temporary loss of vision and can leave permanent holes or lesions on the eye.  Corneal dystrophies can cause significant vision issues.  Obviously, none of these are going to occur from forgetting your sunglasses for one day!  However, it is important to take life-long care of your eyes, protecting them from the sun’s UV rays.


This brings up the question –  when should a person start wearing sunglasses?  We don’t think twice about slathering our kids with sunscreen.  We protect their skin when we are protecting our skin.  Why don’t we protect their eyes when we are protecting our eyes?  Did you know that eyes can sustain sunburns too?  A bad sunburn of the eyes can actually cause vision loss for up to 48 hours, according to  And, of course, the same UV rays that can cause skin cancer can also cause cancer in the eyes.


Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”  Your children need to be wearing sunglasses. 

You may not have thought of it because your child may not have complained about the sun hurting his or her eyes.  This could be, in part, due to the color of your child’s eyes.  Lighter colored eyes are more sensitive to the sun, but all eyes can be damaged by the sun.  So, even though the sun may not “bother” your child, it is still important for them to wear sunglasses.  Just like you don’t let them go without sunscreen, don’t let them go without sunglasses!


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