Can Window Tinting Promote Safety?

As we all know, hurricane season in Florida is coming to a close. We can all agree that we are glad about this!  Hopefully, this finds you, your loved ones, and your property in good shape.  As always, we Floridians pick up the pieces, help one another out, and carry on.  Others may not understand why we choose to live here with the frequent hurricanes, but how can we not love living in our beautiful paradise?

If you sustained damage during any of the storms that hit this hurricane season, let us share something with you that may have never crossed your mind.  Did you know that having your residential windows tinted can actually make your home safer? Yes, it helps with your electric bill and helps keep your home at a more consistent temperature, but most people don’t realize that tinting your windows is actually a safety feature as well.  Since many Floridians have experienced broken windows during hurricanes over the years, we wanted to let you know that here at Solar Solutions we can help make your home a little safer the next time a storm comes to visit!

Our window tinting helps prevent shattering when a window breaks.  Our tinted film holds the shards of glass together if your window breaks.  It gives that little extra peace of mind.  You don’t have to worry about that stray little piece of glass just waiting to embed itself in someone’s foot.  Can you imagine hundreds of tiny pieces all over your living room floor? The cleanup would be a nightmare.  In addition to the safety feature of preventing the glass from flying everywhere, window film can also prevent debris from flying through your broken window into your home.  This can be as simple as keeping leaves and dirt out or as helpful as keeping a piece of debris from flying in and hitting someone or causing damage.

So, before you are picking up the pieces around your home and property from the next hurricane, make sure you contact Brian Shauder, the owner of Solar Solutions who has over 20 years of window tinting experience. Here in the Sebastian, Melbourne, and Vero Beach areas, call us for information on our professional window tinting services including residential, automotive, and commercial tinting.  Let Solar Solutions add to your peace of mind!

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