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Holiday Shopping

This holiday season we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to shop locally as much as possible for your holiday shopping.  We are not saying it is wrong to shop at national chain stores, by any means.  However, there are a lot of great local businesses that could really use your business during this time of year.

For instance, if you want to give a gift like a massage or a manicure/pedicure, there are plenty of locally-owned shops that provide these services.  Local boutiques often have really unique gifts that might be just right for someone in your life, things that you won’t find at the mall!

If you are having a hard time thinking of a gift, we would like to suggest that you give the gift of window tinting!  We may be a bit biased since we are a window tinting company, but that’s beside the point!  Window tinting really is a great gift that could be given to more than one person in your family.  Because we offer window tinting for automobiles, homes, and commercial buildings we are sure that there is someone in your family that could benefit from our services.

We also offer Glassparency which is a window treatment that repels water.  This is an excellent gift to give anyone who owns a car, motorcycle, RV, or boat!  It allows for better visibility during inclement weather or simply from water spray if in a boat.

Something else to remember during this holiday season is that you can even help local companies by choosing them for your shipping.  There may be a local “pack and parcel” or “packing and shipping” company in your area.  That is always a great option for avoiding long lines at the post office.  And, this time of year, those lines can be brutal!

The last thing we would like to leave you with is to remember to leave a good review online for any local businesses that you do business with and with whom you have a positive experience.  It’s challenging for local businesses to compete with large chain stores.  Your reviews can really help boost their business.  When other local people see positive reviews, it encourages them to give that local business a chance, just like you did.

Solar Solutions is a locally owned company located in Vero Beach.  Owner Brian Schauder has been in the window tinting industry for over twenty years. If you are interested in giving the gift of window tinting this holiday season, then please give us a call. We offer free estimates.  If you have already visited us at Solar Solutions and were pleased with your window tinting experience, then please remember to leave a positive online review for us.  Most of all, we hope you have a joyous holiday season!

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