Window Tinting Tips from the Owner of Solar Solutions

Brian Shauder, the owner of Solar Solutions Window Tinting of Vero Beach, shares some wisdom he has picked up over the decades he has been in the window tinting business. From choosing a highly reputable tinting company to selecting the best film for your windows, Brian has plenty of knowledge to share. Let’s see what he has to say on the subject.

Brian Shauder, Owner of Solar Solutions Window Tinting


“My name is Brian Shauder. I am the owner of Solar Solutions Window Tinting. I’ve been around the automotive business since the late 1980s and I’ve been tinting here in Vero Beach in Indian River County since 1994.


What matters most when you’re looking for a professional window tinter is finding somebody that doesn’t wash cars, change oil, or do other things – they only tint windows. That’s where you’re going to get highly qualified trained individuals that perform a craft. You can do a lot of damage to a car if you don’t know what you’re doing. Efficiency is very important to us here at Solar Solutions. We’re very mindful of everybody’s time, including our own. We take things like keeping appointments and getting the job done when we’re scheduled to very seriously. Attention to detail is all about doing the job properly. If you see any defects or something that you’re not happy with then we throw the film away and start again. There is no reason to let substandard work go at any point in time.


We at Solar Solutions use the best products available. All product manufacturers carry lower tiers all the way to upper tiers and everywhere in between. We choose to use the upper tiers because we don’t want problems for our customers. Generally, when there is a problem with window film, the customer associates the problem with the window tinter and not necessarily the window film manufacturer. They don’t put that together. So what they do is they think we did a bad or poor installation, which isn’t the case. If you use a top tier product, you’re going to get top tier results. If you use a lower-tier product, you’re going to get lower-tier results. For automotive products, we carry Solar Guard’s top of the line Vortex, which is a ceramic-based whole ceramic product which keeps out the most heat reduction – period –  as far as automotive window tinting goes currently. And then we keep other options as well just to try to target all the consumers for what their goal is and how long they plan on keeping the vehicle.


We specialize in residential commercial tinting as well, which is a whole different set of skills versus what the automotive is. There is Low-E glass, there are impact windows and laminate glass or strengthened glass and tempered glass. All these different glass types matter as far as what kind of window film you’re going to put on there and put on the window safely to where you’re not breaking glass because window film has the potential to break the glass if it’s not installed properly.


There are different primary objectives when you’re tinting a residential or commercial installation. Some customers would like privacy. Some customers are solely after UV protection. They don’t want to lose any light. Some are after glare protection. Some are after heat protection. So, there are different variables as to what the customer is asking for as to what kind of product we’re going to present to them because we can achieve any or all of those things depending on what the customer is looking for. Specifically for their residential commercial line, Solar Solutions carries a product called Panorama, which you have to be a certified installer for. You have to have the proper training. You have to run the course and have certifications in glass and window film, and in other components like the manufacturing. They don’t just hand that product to anybody willing to call the 1-800 number. It’s territory protected. So that way they assure you’re getting the best products with the best installer in the area.


So, when you get your new car or your new home and you need some window tinting, come down here to Solar Solutions Window Tinting and we’ll take care of you.”

Solar Solutions is a licensed and certified Vero Beach window tinting dealer. We’re an all-around window tinting service that provides automotive window tinting, commercial window tinting, and home window tinting in the Vero Beach, FL and surrounding area.

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