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When it comes to having your windows tinted – whether for your car, home, or commercial building – you DON’T want to choose a low-quality product!  We know that price may be a factor for many people, but it is worth your money to pay a little more for a much better product.  When you see windows with bubbled tint, chances are that they used a cheap tint.  At Solar Solutions, we use the highest quality of products.  We thought you might be interested in what we have to offer!


Solar Gard

First, our window tint products are manufactured by Solar Gard.  A window-tinting professional must go through training and certification from Solar Gard in order to carry and apply their products which is exactly what Brian Schauder, the owner of Solar Solutions, did.  Solar Gard recently came out with a new product which we also offer, VortexIR Ceramic Film Series.  This tint incorporates nanotechnology allowing it to absorb energy from the sun instead of reflecting it meaning your windows won’t have a mirrored appearance.  This tint provides a Total Solar Energy Rejection of 65% which is the highest on the market.  It also reflects 99% of the sun’s UV rays.



Second, we carry a product called Glassparency.  Once again, our owner Brian Schauder wanted to further his knowledge in his field and make Solar Solutions the best window tinting company in the area.  He had to be authorized by the company to use this product.  Glassparency is a super-hydrophobic treatment that is designed to repel water from the glass.  Not only does it help repel water making it much easier to see through your windshields and windows, but it also makes the glass easier to clean.  With all the sand, salt, and love bugs here we think that is very good news!  An additional benefit to Glassparency is that it isn’t restricted to usage on glass alone.  It can be used on surfaces like tile and granite to make it easier to clean and help prevent water spots!


Professional Window Tinting

Third, we offer the highest quality of service.  While this isn’t a product that you can put a price on, we believe that makes sense since quality service is priceless.  Even with high-quality tint, if the person applying it isn’t a skilled professional, it can bubble.  The quality of installation truly makes a difference with window tinting.  Not only has Brian been in the industry for over twenty years, but he has also continued to perfect his craft by using the highest quality products even when it requires certification and authorization.  He would rather work hard to be the best than to carry mediocre products.


If you are interested in having any of your windows tinted or having Glassparency applied to any of your windows or household surfaces, then please call us at Solar Solutions.  We are located in Vero Beach and serve all surrounding areas such as Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, Palm Bay, and Fort Pierce with our window tinting services.  You aren’t too far away – call us today!

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