Should I Tint the Windows In My Garage?

When discussing window tint, we always mention that you can have your windows tinted for your vehicle, home, or commercial building.  When you think about having your home’s windows tinted, you may not think about the fact that your garage has windows too!  Your next thoughts now might be, “Well, do those windows matter?  I don’t want to pay for more windows to be tinted if it doesn’t even make a difference.  It’s just the garage.”


We first want you to know that window tinting is actually very reasonably priced, so adding your garage windows should not pose a financial hardship to you if you can afford to have your home’s windows tinted.  With that concern out of the way, let’s look at the practical reasons that you should have your garage windows tinted.


Combat the Heat

The garage is the hottest “room” in the house, along with the attic.  Even if your air conditioner stopped working, the heat in the garage still beats the heat you have in the house.  During the summer, when you walk from the air-conditioned house into the garage it feels like you are walking into a furnace!  Wouldn’t it be nice to go into your garage without feeling like you need to wear a CamelBak full of water?

Our garages hold a myriad of items that require us to go in them whether we want to or not.  You may have an extra refrigerator or chest freezer out there.  You may store extra cases of water or dry goods out there if you don’t have much storage space in your kitchen.  Of course, it usually holds other items like bicycles or beach gear that you want to use upon occasion, if not daily.  In other words, the garage is unavoidable.


Utilize the Space

Granted, you may only be in there briefly, but with window tint helping to regulate the temperature in the garage, you can spend more time in there if you would like.  Maybe you have a workbench or craft table that you haven’t been using simply because it is so uncomfortable out there.  Well, dust them off and get to creating!


Protect Your Belongings

Additionally, we often keep things like boxes or tubs of keepsakes in the garage.  Having the temperature regulated in the garage may help keep your keepsakes safer.  Heat can be very damaging to particular items like photographs, but we don’t always have room to store such things in the house.  You can feel better about your keepsakes being stored in the garage with the windows tinted.


If you have decided it’s time to get your home’s windows tinted or are interested in a free estimate, then please call us at Solar Solutions today!  We are located in Vero Beach and serve all our surrounding communities from Viera and Palm Bay to Sebastian and Fort Pierce with our window tinting services.  We are experts in tinting and have been in the industry for over twenty years.  We look forward to tinting your home’s (and garage’s) windows!

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