Caring For Your Car

Whether you have a brand new sparkly 2020 vehicle or a dependable 1995 vehicle that just keeps on trucking, your car depends on you to take care of it.  It can’t go run itself through the car wash when it needs a good scrub or shine its own chrome or inflate its own tires.  With all the advances in vehicles like cars that can parallel park for you, the day may come when a car is self-cleaning, but it hasn’t happened yet!


Here on the east coast of Florida, it is especially important to take good care of your car because the humidity and salty ocean air can take a toll on your car when you aren’t paying attention.  There may be no better place to live for us, but it isn’t the easiest place for a car to survive.  So, what can you do to show your car a little TLC?


Wash It Regularly

Regular washes help get those layers of dust, grime, and salt off the car.  If you notice any dings or scratches, no matter how small, you will want to try to seal them as quickly as possible because any exposed metal with the paint missing will practically rust right before your eyes here in Florida!


Maintain Your Tires

Take care of your tires too.  This doesn’t just mean using a tire care product on them to make them shiny, although that is a good idea. It means also keeping your tires properly inflated.  This will help them wear more evenly and may even give you better gas mileage.  Along with your tires, take care of your rims.  Properly cared for rims can enhance the look of a car.


Prevent Hard Water Spots

While cleaning your car you may have noticed hard water spots on your windows.  Those can be difficult to get off and not only take away from the “look” of your car, but they can take away from you having great visibility.  For years, drivers have used Rain-X to help prevent water stains and to make water flow off their windows for easier visibility during the frequent and heavy rain that we experience here.


Have Your Car’s Windows Tinted

We want you to consider doing something more permanent than having to periodically apply Rain-X to your car’s windows.  There is an amazing product called Glassparency that is basically like Rain-X on steroids!  Glassparency must be applied by a professional who has been authorized by the company to apply its product. Glassparency also makes your windows easier to clean, including the removal of lovebugs!


If you want to take good care of your car and think Glassparency is a good idea (we assure you it is!), then please give us a call today at Solar Solutions.  We are located in Vero Beach and are authorized to carry and apply Glassparency.  We specialize in window tinting in Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas like Sebastion and Fort Pierce. So, if your windows are not yet tinted, we can do that for you too at a reasonable price with the utmost quality.  We are have been in the industry for over twenty years, and we look forward to doing business with you!

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