Your Safety is Our Priority at Solar Solutions Window Tinting

There have been a lot of new health and safety concerns caused by COVID-19, and here at Solar Solutions, we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our customers safe. We want you to have peace of mind when you drop off your vehicle with us to get the windows tinted. So, we created this short video showing you what you can expect. We have been serving the people of Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Sebastian, and Melbourne, FL for over 20 years with our professional window tinting services. Your safety is our number one priority.


What Safety Precautions Are We Taking During COVID-19?


“Hello, this is Brian from Solar Solutions Window Tinting in Vero Beach, Florida. What we’re going to do is give you a small demonstration of what happens with your vehicle when you drop it off and leave it with us for window tinting and the precautions we’re taking for COVID-19 to keep you safe.


Okay, so what we’re going to do is as we’re pulling your vehicle: 1. We’re going to wear gloves, 2. We’re wearing a face mask. So the only time we’re actually getting in your vehicle is one to pull it in the bay, and two, to pull it out of the bay, both times this thing happens.


Now we have your vehicle pulled inside and that’s the only time we’re actually entering at all. Other than to install your window tinting, and we’ll go through the process once we get to that point to show you what happens.


So, as we are starting to treat your doors here, we never need access inside of the vehicle. All of this procedure, whether it’s truck, vehicle, SUV, car or whatever it is, we don’t need to get inside the vehicle to tint your doors. So, I’m going to give you a small process of what we do here, which is just soap and water. There’s a lot of soap water being used as we are performing the tinting process. So, that’s one good thing as far as a preventative measure is, everything is soap and water. Soap and water, gloves, microfiber. What we’re doing is we’re just cleaning these windows. We’re getting them prepped and ready to go for window film. We’re getting them squeegeed out and cleaned and the installation of the window film is going to happen right here from outside the car. Again, no access to the vehicle.


Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and get the insulation going on the back window. This is where we’re going to need access to the vehicle, whether it’s a truck, SUV, or another vehicle. Some SUVs are hatchback, so we’re not going need access to the vehicle for installation. But, as far as the car goes or a truck, we are actually going to have to physically get inside the vehicle.


So, now we’re going to show you the process of what that entails and getting the window cleaned up and the prep work that goes into place in this. Now, as we’re accessing the vehicle, we put some towels down just because we don’t want to get anything wet you want to keep everything nice and dry and clean. So we’re going to get all this prep work done. Again, we are wearing the mask because we have entered the cabin space. We want to keep everything as clean as possible and not have any transfer of anything. So we’ll get things prepped up here with some towels ready to go. We’re going to get this back window cleaned up and basic installation. Again, this is all taking place with gloves and masks. So everything is safe, keeping contamination from occurring as best as possible.


We will also need access to the cab if we’re doing the windshield strip, which goes right across the top of the windshield. We’re going to need access to the vehicle then. Again, we’re going to put a towel down. We’re going to keep things nice and drying clean again. Again, rubber gloves, mask as we’re entering the vehicle. Any time we’re entering your vehicle, we’re keeping this on or keeping these on and keeping you safe.


Now we’ve got a completed vehicle and it’s time to pull the vehicle out again. So, we’ll need access to the truck. So we’re going to go ahead and access the vehicle and pull it outside.


Ok, so now we’ve got a completed vehicle, we’ve got you outside. We’ve just got you taken care of. The windows are tinted and our final prep is going to be clean all of these windows up on the outside and clean them up on the inside as well. Again, we don’t need access anymore to the inside the vehicle, the front, and the back completely done when we were inside the vehicle one time. So that we minimize in and out minimize in that process. Once we get these cleaned up, we’ll show you the final step in the prep of what we’re going to do to keep you safe.


Now for the final step. We’re going to go ahead and wipe down all of the window switches, the steering wheel and the handles on all of the doors. Even though we have these gloves on this is another precautionary measure to keep you safe.


Our final step in here for payment and everything, we’re going to obviously give you your keys back along with our warranty cards and everything you need that goes along with the installation. Again, what we’re going to do is take these Clorox wipes and wipe the key down, before we give them back to you. Because we’ve obviously had this key in our hand quite a bit. Again, this is a simple thing to do to keep you safe. We want to keep it easy and you comfortable with what’s going on here at Solar Solutions.”


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