How Window Tinting Benefits Your Furry Friends

If you own a pet, then chances are your pet is considered family to you and your loved ones.  After all, we name them, often raise them from the time they are babies, and care for them throughout their lifetimes, often spending exorbitant amounts of money at the veterinarian to keep them healthy and happy.  That definitely sounds like a member of the family!


Pets Have Different Ways of Cooling Down Than We Do

Just like us, our furry friends can get overheated, especially in the hot summer months in Florida.  But, this can happen at any time of year given the right circumstances.  It’s important to remember that animals usually cool themselves differently than we do.  Furry pets do not sweat.  Perspiration is how the human body cools itself.  Our body perspires when it’s hot.  The sweat then evaporates which removes excess heat and cools us.  Our pets do not have this same cooling system in their bodies.


While dogs sweat a bit through the pads on their paws, they mainly cool themselves through panting.  By panting, they take in air which cools their body.  Another way they can cool down is by getting wet if there is a body of water nearby, be it a pool, lake, pond, or the ocean!


Cats cool down similarly to dogs, but not exactly the same.  They can sweat through their paw pads, but like dogs, this is not sufficient to cool their bodies when they are getting overheated.  Cats will also groom (lick) themselves to experience the same evaporation humans do to help cool themselves.  They may even pant.  Something you will likely find both dogs and cats doing when hot is finding a cool surface to stretch out on, like a cool tile floor.


The Benefits of Air Conditioning

While there are certainly many more types of pets that are dearly loved by their families, dogs and cats are the most common household pets.  These two species often enjoy hanging out in front of windows and sliding doors.  They like to see if anyone is encroaching on their property and simply observe what is taking place outside.  While they each may enjoy some time outside, it is often too hot in Florida for them to remain outside comfortably for long periods.  After all, it is harder for them to cool themselves.  We enjoy the nice, cool air conditioning.  Why shouldn’t they?


Window Tinting Makes a Huge Difference

However, their favorite spots for observing the outside world may also be rather hot as the sun pierces through the glass.  If you notice your pet trying to find ways to cool itself while indoors, it may be getting overheated.  There is an easy, affordable, and great way to prevent this.  Window tinting greatly reduces the heat inside your home, helping to regulate your home’s temperature which brings about savings on your utility bill!  It also blocks over 99% of UV rays which are harmful to you, your home, and your pets.  Having your windows tinted benefits both you and your beloved pets.


If Snowball, Fluffy, Fido, or Bowzer has been getting hot inside the house, then maybe it’s time you call us at Solar Solutions.  We can meet all your residential and commercial window tinting needs.  A typical home can be completed in one day!  We offer a wide variety of tints, including a clear tint that still provides you with full protection from the sun.  We are located in Vero Beach and serve all our surrounding areas, such as Sebastian, Fort Pierce, and Melbourne with our window tinting services.  Give us a call today and see how much happier your furry friend is with windows tinted by Solar Solutions!

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