Window Tinting for Your Waterfront Home

Window tinting for your waterfront home can block UV rays, help regulate the temperature, lower energy bills, and give you privacy.

We are all fortunate to live in this beautiful state with its balmy weather and beautiful beaches and rivers. If you are blessed to live on the beach or one of the many rivers, you are even more fortunate! Living on the beach or river provides you with gorgeous views. Many people that build their homes along the beaches and rivers choose to have large picture windows or floor to ceiling windows to enjoy those beautiful views, completely unobstructed.

We don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want an unobstructed view? However, with huge windows comes a LOT of sun. That’s why we suggest you consider window tinting for your waterfront home. Now, your initial reaction might be, “Why would I tint my beautiful windows? Isn’t that obstructing my view in a way?” No, not with modern window tinting.

You see, we have a wide variety of tints available, including a clear one! You read that correctly. We offer a clear window tint that will not darken your windows from the inside and not obstruct your view. It WILL block dangerous UV rays from the sun, help regulate the temperature inside your home, lower energy bills, and give you privacy as people outside will not be able to see inside your home!

This last feature is especially appealing for those of you with these large beautiful windows. After all, the point of having them is to see out unobstructed, but you don’t want people strolling on the beach, surfers, and paddleboarders seeing inside your home. If you put up blinds or curtains, you gain privacy but at the cost of losing your perfect view. That is the best part of our clear tint. You get both your privacy and your view! How can you say no to that?

We also offer window tinting for vehicles and commercial buildings. Window tinting has come a long way over the years, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry. We can also apply Glassparency to your windows to help repel water.  

Solar Solutions is located in Vero Beach. The owner, Brian Schauder, has been in the window tinting industry for over twenty years. He takes great pride in his work. He loves being a local business owner and proudly serves all surrounding areas from Cocoa and Merritt Island to Sebastian and Fort Pierce. If you are interested in window tinting for your waterfront home, call us today! 

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