Can I Repair or Reverse Sun Damage?

To minimize sun damage, we suggest having your home and automobile windows tinted.

We all know the sun is a powerful force that produces two types of rays. UVA rays and UVB can burn and damage our skin and fade paint, flooring, and upholstery. 

Florida and Its High UV Index

According to, UVA rays penetrate and ruin carpets, fabrics, curtains, and wood while UVB rays bleach and burn surface colors, including your skin color. In Florida, our UV index is high due to the geographic location of Florida to the sun. This high UV index means an increased chance of skin damage, sunburns, and fading to a variety of our belongings from our car upholstery to the flooring in our home.

Repairing and Reversing Sun Damage 

So, can sun damage be repaired or reversed? It depends on what was damaged and to what extent. 


If your skin has sustained damage, some of it can be reversed by natural or medical means. You should see a dermatologist or doctor who specializes in anti-aging treatments. 


If your upholstery has faded, there is no way to restore the color. Unfortunately, it is gone for good. If it is a couch cushion, you may be able to replace the covers or have them dyed. You can discuss this with a professional upholstery person. If it is your car seats, you may want to get seat covers to hide the fading and protect them from further damage, such as cracking. If you invest in good car seat covers, they will fit very well and can look nice.


If your paint has faded in your home or on your vehicle, it is time to repaint. Fortunately, a gallon of paint to repaint a wall or two in your home is not too expensive. Getting your car repainted will cost you substantially more. You may want to invest in a car cover if it is stored outdoors and not in a garage or carport.


Carpet that has faded cannot be restored and will need replacing. Faded wood flooring can be stripped, restained, and resealed, which is less expensive than replacing real wood flooring. If it is artificial wood flooring, you would need to replace it.

Minimizing Sun Damage with Window Tinting

As you can see, the answers vary. Sun damage isn’t always catastrophic, but it can be. To minimize sun damage to both your skin and your belongings, we highly suggest having your home and automobile windows tinted. Solar Solutions, located in Vero Beach, Florida, has been in the window tinting industry for over twenty years. 

We are experts in window tinting and use only the highest quality products to guarantee your satisfaction every time. Our window tint blocks out up to 99 percent of all UV rays! Window tinting is surprisingly affordable, especially if you think of the cost of damaged flooring, upholstery, and artwork, in comparison, not to mention your health if you were to get skin cancer. If you are ready to add sun protection to your home, vehicle, or commercial building, please give us a call today! 


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