Premium Products for Your Windows Tinting Needs

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Of course, every company will tell you they are the best. Nobody is going to gain customers by saying, “Well, we’re kind of mediocre, but you should still give us a shot.” That isn’t exactly a great sales pitch! 

We don’t want to tell you we’re the best and hope you believe us. We want to tell you WHY we’re the best with the hope you will try us and discover for yourself that we’re telling the truth!

A Premier Window Tinting Company

Solar Solutions in Vero Beach, Florida, is a premier window tinting company. Our owner, Brian Schauder, has been in the window tinting industry for twenty-five years! If you are looking for someone who knows their trade inside and out, backward and forward, you have found that at Solar Solutions!

We are often asked what else we do, such as do we do oil changes, sell tires or rims, etc. We don’t do any of those things. Why? We feel that in this industry, a jack of all trades is a master of none. We prefer to focus on one thing – window tinting. By building our business, focused on window tinting, we have become masters at our trade. We are a premier window tinting company, which means we use premium products installed by master professionals.

Premium Products Matter

The quality of the product matters. You can have the best installer apply your window tint, but if it is a product with mediocre quality, you will still get poor results. For that reason, we chose to carry only premium products. Some window tinting companies will suggest a variety of tints that vary in quality. We don’t even offer those lower quality tints to our customers because we don’t want them to be disappointed and dissatisfied with the outcome. We want 100 percent of our customers to be 100 percent satisfied. Our products vary as far as offering different shades of tint and various window products such as Glassparency, which we can apply to your windows to repel water. 

The Only Choice for Your Tinting Needs 

We hope that this has helped you to see the details that make Solar Solutions the best choice for your window tinting needs. You can check out our website to see examples of our work – automotive, residential, and commercial. We are located in Vero Beach and serve all surrounding areas from Cocoa Beach and Melbourne to Sebastian and Port St. Lucie. When it comes to the quality of products AND service, Solar Solutions is the only choice!

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