November 5, 2020

Thank a Veteran with Auto Window Tinting

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Thank you veterans with auto window tinting

November 11th is Veterans Day! Why not thank a veteran with auto window tinting? Here at Solar Solutions, we want to thank all veterans for your service!

One local resident shared with us that Veterans Day is an even bigger deal to her veteran husband than his birthday. His family gives him gifts, they go out to dinner, or his wife makes one of his favorite dinners. She shared that they don’t take it lightly that he may not have come back from his deployments.

They are thankful to have him home and in their lives every day while so many veterans’ families lost their loved ones. We encourage you to take a moment this year to remember for many families it is a very important and meaningful day.

Top 3 Reasons for Auto Window Tinting 

  1. Tinted windows help prevent cracked interiors

If you have ever experienced a cracked or faded dashboard, cracked leather seats, or faded upholstered seats, then your car has experienced sun damage. This damage is preventable. Our high-quality auto window tint blocks over 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, and secondly,

  1. Window tint helps regulate internal car temperature

No one likes getting into a blisteringly hot car in the summer! Living in Florida, we all know what that is like!

  1. Window tint provides additional security

People are less able to snoop in the back seat of your car with tinted windows. This more important during the holiday season when everyone is out shopping.

Book your Veteran’s Car Window Tint Today

With Veterans Day just around the corner, there is no better time to give us a call or book online today. Whether you conspire with someone to sneak their car into us or simply make the appointment for them (and pay for it, of course…it’s a gift!), we would be proud to help do something special for the veteran in your life.

We are located in Vero Beach and proudly serve all of Brevard and Indian River Counties. Our key services include auto window tinting, commercial window tinting, and commercial window tinting. We look forward to serving those who served!

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