The Importance of Visiting a Business Location Before Signing a Contract


When it comes to home improvements and repairs we often don’t choose to visit the actual business site of a company. If you have had your floors replaced, windows replaced, or roof replaced, did you visit the actual place of business before signing a contract?

Or, like most people, did you find the company online or through a recommendation from a friend, contact the company, and have them come to your home, measure, show you the product, give you a demonstration, then give you an estimate? That is what most people do.

That’s all well and good. We do that too. However, the difference between us and our competitors is that we encourage you to visit our place of business. Most of them will not do so.

Good and Bad Signs of Business Quality

We suggest this because how a business site is run and maintained will give you a pretty good idea of the quality of work that you will receive from that company. There are always exceptions to the rule, but when you are paying thousands of dollars for a home improvement project, are you really willing to risk it?

If a place of business is tidy, clean, and organized, that is a good sign. You can’t always judge a business based on the office personnel, but it is always reassuring when they know what they are doing and treat the customers courteously. You are their lifeblood.

Poor customer service will often mean the death of a business.  A well-run business is usually a good sign that you are going to receive quality workmanship and good customer service from that business.

So, even if you are hiring someone to do a job at your home, don’t be shy about checking out their place of business. After all, it is your money that you are spending. You get to decide who you want to pay – the guy with papers stacked three feet high on his desk with mouse droppings on the office floor or the one with a tidy, welcoming office?

Solar Solutions is located in Vero Beach. The owner, Brian Schauder, has been in the window tinting industry for over two decades, expertly applying the highest quality window tint to homes, offices, and vehicles. Brian invites you to stop in for a visit before he comes to your home. He wants you to feel confident that he is going to do an outstanding job for you.  Brian proudly serves surrounding areas such as Cocoa, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Melbourne, and Sebastian.  He looks forward to meeting you!

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