January 15, 2021

Is It Necessary to Tint All the Windows in My Home?

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Home Window Tinting

Are you looking for home window tinting? If you have been considering getting your home windows tinted, then you probably have some questions. One likely question is whether or not it is necessary to tint all the windows in your home. As window tinting experts, Solar Solutions would like to answer that question for you.

Which Direction Does Your House Face?

That question may seem confusing. You may be thinking, “My home is four-sided and faces every direction. There are windows on every side of my house. What kind of a question is that?” What we are ultimately asking is whether or not you receive direct sunlight in any of the rooms in your house. If the front and back of your home face east and west, then you likely get a great deal of direct sunlight in your main living areas. If the front and back of your home face north and south, then some of your bedrooms may get more direct light and heat.

Does Direct Light and Heat Make a Difference for Home Window Tinting?

When a room receives direct sunlight through the windows, not only is the room going to be hotter than other rooms, but there is a greater chance of the sun’s UV rays causing damage to the room. Your furniture upholstery, flooring, paint, and even artwork may suffer fading and damage from the direct sunlight.

What if I Like the Sunlight?

Many of you may love that direct sunlight. Perhaps you enjoy sitting in a chair in the morning light reading and drinking coffee. You may not want to lose the enjoyment that comes with your morning ritual. We understand that which is one reason we offer clear window tint! You read that correctly. We actually offer clear home window tinting. You still get the sun’s beauty without the damage.

The Answer to Home Window Tinting:

The final answer is that you do not have to have all the windows of your home tinted. If you are looking to save money, then we suggest tinting the windows of the rooms with the most direct sunlight. However, if you choose to tint all the windows of your home, we know you will be pleased. The temperature of your home will stay regulated, causing your electric bill to decrease! It’s hard to say no to that!

Why Solar Solutions Is the Best Solution

Located in Vero Beach, Solar Solutions offers the highest quality products and outstanding customer service at affordable prices. With over 20 years in the business and outstanding reviews, you know we can be trusted. Whether it’s one bothersome window or one hundred windows, Solar Solutions has the home window tinting solution for you!

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