March 2, 2021

Why Should I Get My Garage Windows Tinted?

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Tinted Garage Windows

While many people think of cars when they think of tinted windows, the fact is that houses and commercial buildings greatly benefit from tinted windows as well.  Perhaps your home’s windows are already tinted, but now you are wondering if your garage and attic windows should be given the same, equal treatment as the rest of the windows.  At Solar Solutions, we strongly believe that all your windows will benefit from our high-quality tint.

Should You Get Your Garage Windows Tinted?

The garage is an interesting place.  There are people who spend hours in their garage everyday while there are others that rarely step foot in their garage.  For some, it is a place to store their cars.  For others, it is a place to store everything except their cars!  Regardless of what you use your garage for, we think it would benefit from tinted windows, and here is why:

  • If your cars are stored in your garage, tinted windows will help block the sun’s harmful UV rays helping to preserve your cars’ paint and interior.  Isn’t that why you keep them in the garage in the first place?  If so, then having the sun streaming in through a window is defeating the purpose!
  • It helps regulate the temperature in your garage.  This, in turn, helps regulate the temperature in any car that is stored in the garage.  This will help prevent overly hot or cold car interiors.  Even if you do not store your cars in the garage, this temperature regulation helps protect any items stored there.  As you know, Florida’s heat can be intense and it can cause damage to stored items if they become too hot.
  • If you spend any decent amount of time in your garage whether it’s working on projects or relaxing in your “man cave,” the window tint provides you with the same benefits as your cars and stored items.  You are protected from UV rays and you reap the benefits of the regulated temperature.  Your garage doesn’t have to feel like a sauna every time you step out there.

Why Should I Tint My Attic Windows?

We realize that not all attics have windows, but there are those that do.  If you have one or more windows in your attic, we highly recommend tinting them.  Attics can be sweltering in the summer.  If you store anything of value in the attic – keepsakes, photographs, even Christmas decorations – that heat can be very damaging.  Experts suggest ways to keep your attic cooler, often forgetting to mention tinting the windows! Having the temperature regulated in your attic may very well help regulate the temperature in your home as well, which is an added benefit.

Solar Solutions Can Get Your Attic and Garage Windows Tinted!

Solar Solutions is located in Vero Beach.  We specialize in window tinting for vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings.  If you have any windows in need of tint, including your garage and/or attic, then please give us a call today.  We serve Brevard and Indian River Counties and look forward to making ALL your spaces comfortable!

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