May 25, 2021

Tinting Good For Pets Too

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pet tinted car window

Window Tinting Can Benefit Your Pets Too!

Window tinting has many benefits, one of which is the protection it can provide your pets.  We bet that some of you would not get your windows tinted for yourselves but would choose to do it for your innocent furry family members who cannot ask for it themselves.  Solar Solutions, superior window tinting in Vero Beach, is here to help!

Ways Window Tinting Benefits You

Window tinting offers excellent benefits for you as a vehicle owner, homeowner, or commercial building owner.  Whether you occupy your home or commercial building or rent it to tenants, window tinting is an outstanding investment.

Window tinting offers protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays by rejecting up to 99% of those harmful rays.  This helps to protect upholstery and dashboards in cars, as well as flooring and furniture in homes and commercial spaces.  This can ultimately save you money by preserving these items that might otherwise need replacement sooner.

Additionally, window tinting can save you money by reducing your energy bill!  It also helps to maintain the temperature in your car, home, or office making it much more comfortable.  Window tinting is truly beneficial.

How Can It Help My Pets?

Window tinting can help your pets in many of the same ways it helps you.  While your pet is at home by itself, it will benefit from the balanced temperature allowing for a comfortable and safe environment for your fluffy buddy.  Obviously, they cannot adjust the thermostat while you are gone if they get too hot or cold, but by setting your thermostat at a reasonable temperature, along with the temperature maintenance that window tinting offers, your pet can pleasantly nap or play while awaiting your return.

This also applies to your commercial building.  Many companies are now allowing people to bring their pets to work as pets have a calming effect on people.  This can be beneficial to both employees and clients.  A comfortable workspace benefits you, your employees, your clients, and any pets brought in by any of the aforementioned humans.

Many of us bring our pets along for rides whether it is a quick run to the drive-through ATM or a long road trip.  Window tinting can help keep your upholstery from becoming dangerously hot for your pet’s sensitive feet.  According to, dogs can suffer from burnt paw pads from walking on pavement that is too hot.  So, just like your hot seat burns your legs in the summer, it is burning the sensitive pads on your pup’s feet!  Window tinting can benefit both you and your pet!


Solar Solutions, superior commercial and residential window tinting in Vero Beach, proudly serves our surrounding communities, such as Viera, Merritt Island, Melbourne, and Sebastian.  We offer free window tinting estimates for vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings.  If you and your pet are ready for a more comfortable environment, and if you are ready to save on your energy bill, then give us a call today to set up your appointment.  We look forward to serving you!


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