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June 29, 2021

Window Tint During Hurricane Season


The Benefits of Window Tint During Hurricane Season

Window tint is designed with safety in mind, but it won’t stop the flying debris that accompanies a hurricane.  HOWEVER, it is designed to hold the shards of glass together if a window is broken.  So, if you have the unfortunate circumstance of a car or home window breaking during a storm, you will not have the danger of shards of glass flying everywhere, causing damage, a mess, and possible injury to your loved ones.

That is a big deal!  Your family’s safety during a storm is likely your #1 concern.  Why not help ensure that safety with our custom window tint for a car or your home?

Benefits of Window Tinting

Besides High-quality window tint offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, rejecting up to 99% of those rays.  This protects your skin while in your car or home, as well as protecting your car’s interior and your home’s interior, such as your flooring and furniture.  UV rays can cause wrinkles and even cancer.  In our cars and homes, they can cause cracked dashboards and upholstery, as well as faded furniture and flooring.

Window tinting also helps regulate the temperature inside your vehicle and home.  In your home, this can save you up to 30% on your energy bill!

Hurricane Season in Florida

You may be wondering what the phrases “hurricane season” and “window tinting” have to do with each other.  Hurricane season has begun!  As window tinting specialists, Solar Solutions wanted to share with you how window tinting can benefit you during hurricane season.

Let’s look at what hurricane season in Florida looks like.  Hurricane season lasts from June 1 – November 30 each year.  In case you don’t enjoy math, we will tell you that hurricane season is a full six months.  Yes, half of our year is hurricane season.  That’s why it’s important to look at how window tinting benefits you during this stormy season.

Because of our location on the Atlantic coastline, Solar Solutions, the premier window tinting company in Vero Beach, we are focused and experienced with Florida’s annual hurricane season.  The 2020 hurricane season was one of the most unique and strange years the world has faced.  To add to a pandemic, it was the most active hurricane season on record! An article posted by Channel 2, WESH, broke it down for us. There were 30 named storms.  Storms are named alphabetically with each storm being given a name using the next letter of the alphabet.  With only 26 letters in the English alphabet, the system uses the Greek alphabet if we have more than 26 storms.  In 2020, the Greek alphabet had to be used for only the second time ever!

Solar Solutions – The Window Tinting Solution for You!

Hurricane season has just begun, so now is the time to get your windows tinted.  Not only will we have your car back to you the same day, but we can also finish the windows of an average-size home, approximately 2,000 square feet, in one day.  It will be like we were never there, but you will have all the wonderful benefits of window tinting when we leave.  If you are ready for window tinting in Vero Beach on your car, home, or commercial building, then please give Solar Solutions a call today for your free estimate!

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