August 9, 2021

3 Reasons to Tint Your Car’s Windows Before You Get On the Road Again

tinted car windows

As we slowly begin to emerge from our pandemic cocoons, many of you can’t wait to get on the road again – visiting family, friends, and new destinations!  Before you go, Solar Solutions would like to offer you three reasons why you should have your car’s windows tinted prior to hitting the open road!

Reason #1:  Window Tinting Can Make Your Ride Cooler

We aren’t talking about making your car look cooler, although window tinting does that too; but rather, we are talking about the fact that tinting your car’s windows actually makes the inside of your car cooler!  Window tint helps to regulate the temperature inside your car by rejecting up to 61% of the total solar energy from the sun.  There will be a noticeable difference in how hot your car was prior to having your windows tinted compared to after the window tinting is complete.  This will make for a more comfortable car trip for everyone.

Reason #2:  Window Tinting Protects Your Vehicle’s Interior

Think of automotive window tint as sunscreen for your car.  It blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  This protection from the sun will help protect your vehicle’s interior from damage.  Just as the sun can damage our skin, it can also damage your car’s interior.  The sun is what causes cracked dashboards.  It also causes damage to the upholstery, such as fading or cracking.

Reason #3:  Window Tinting Protects You and Your Family

As mentioned above, the sun’s UV rays are what cause damage to our skin.  Time spent in the car with the sun beating down on us through the window, with no way to escape it, can cause damage over time.  In an article entitled “Skin Cancer Linked to Frequent Driving,” Dr. Scott Fosko, a St. Louis University researcher stated, “Our initial findings confirm that there is a correlation between more time spent driving and a higher incidence of left-sided skin cancers, especially on sun-exposed areas in men.”  In his press release, he goes on to say that tinting or using UV filters may help, along with wearing protective clothing and broad spectrum sunscreen.  Would it be going too far to say that window tinting is doctor-recommended?  We can say for certain that it definitely doesn’t hurt to add that extra layer of protection between the sun and your skin!

Solar Solutions Is Here for Your Window Tinting Needs

Solar Solutions, a preferred company for window tinting in Vero Beach, proudly serves our surrounding communities, such as Melbourne, Viera, and Sebastian.  If you are ready to hit the road this summer and have not yet had your car’s windows tinted, then give us a call.  We offer free estimates, the highest quality products, and outstanding customer service.  Let us make your ride cooler, protect your car’s interior, and most importantly, help protect you!  We look forward to serving you!


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