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August 30, 2021

3 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Lower Electric Bill Tips

Here in the Sunshine State, residents often use their air conditioner year-round to help maintain a comfortable temperature within their home, as well as to combat that muggy feeling that the humidity can cause.  While this makes Florida Power & Light (commonly referred to as FPL) happy, it isn’t exactly great for your bank account.  So, let’s look at three ways you can lower your electric bill!

1 –  Raise the Setting on Your Thermostat

 We know it’s hot outside.  We know it feels good to walk into your house and feel that cool rush of air on your overheated skin.  We also know that if your thermostat is set below 78 degrees, then you are paying more for your electric bill than you like!  Setting your thermostat at 70 degrees versus 78 degrees can nearly double your bill!  If 78 degrees is just too warm for you, then only lower it as much as necessary for you to be comfortable.  If your guests are wearing a parka and beanie at your house, you probably have the thermostat set too low!  Also, remember to raise it to 80 degrees if you are going to be out of town.  That will save you even more money.  Your couch doesn’t care if the house is a little warm while you’re gone!

2 –  Replace Your Old Refrigerator

Whether it’s an older refrigerator in your kitchen or an extra one in the garage, refrigerators made prior to 1993, particularly, are going to be much less energy-efficient than a newer model.  Having plenty of cold drinks on hand is nice when you have company over, but is it worth an additional $20-45 more PER MONTH on your electric bill?  Look online for used refrigerators if a new one is not in the budget.  You should be able to find a fairly current model for a few hundred dollars.  Ultimately, by the end of the year, that will actually save you money!

3 –  Have Your Home’s Windows Tinted

You can save up to 30% on your electric bill by having your home’s windows tinted! With so many options for window tint, there is one you will like. CLEAR window tint offered by Solar Solutions provides all same benefits of window tint without changing the look of your home. For those of you who lived through the 70s and 80s, you may have bad visions of tacky do-it-yourself window tinting on your house.  However, this is 2021!  Solar Solutions, located in Vero Beach, specializes in residential window tinting.  They offer the highest quality products available on the market, combined with expert installation.


Solar Solutions is here to meet all your window tinting needs.  We proudly serve Melbourne, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, and Fort Pierce, as well as the surrounding areas.  If you are interested in saving money on your electric bill, protecting your vehicle’s interior, or making your building a more comfortable work environment, then please give us a call today!

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