June 21, 2022

Get Your RV Ready for Summer With Solar Solutions Window Tinting

Parked RV with window tint and protectors

If you have an RV trip planned for this summer, then this blog is for you!  Don’t head out on the open road without first having your RV’s windows tinted to keep everyone inside more comfortable and to protect your RV’s interior.

We realize that gas and diesel prices have recently skyrocketed.  Your RV trips may be local for a quick weekend getaway that doesn’t require too much fuel.  Or, you may have already planned a big road trip and are going to see new places regardless of fuel costs.  Whatever the case, before you go, you will want to make your home on wheels as comfortable as possible.

Does Window Tinting Make a Difference?

Window tinting absolutely makes a difference.  While it may be standard in newer models, some older models may not have factory tinted windows.  As you know, an RV can get extremely hot when you are not in it and the air conditioner isn’t running.  Having used their RV this past weekend, one couple reported to us that their RV was sitting in the parking lot for a couple of hours while they were at an event.  While the high temperature of the day was 86 degrees, the inside of their RV was 96 degrees when they returned to it!  And, that was WITH window tinting.  Imagine how unbearable it would have been without window tinting!

Window tinting helps control the temperature of the interior.  It also helps protect the interior.  Your dashboard and seat upholstery will last longer when protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Window tinting can help prevent dashboard and upholstery cracks.  It also helps protect the living area of the RV. The upholstery on chairs, couches, and the dinette will last longer and have less fading. This is also true of the flooring and cabinets.  It will help protect them from fading and discoloration, keeping the interior of your RV looking newer longer.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting

Parked RV with window tint and protectors

Window tinting offers increased privacy.  This is very important in an RV as it is your home away from home!  You wouldn’t want people walking by and peeking in the windows of your house.  Why should they do it to your travel home?  While you may close all the privacy window coverings of your RV while parked, you may have times when you want to let the natural sunlight in.  With window tinting, you can do this while still maintaining your privacy.  It’s nobody else’s business if you are cooking dinner, reading a book, or taking a nap on the couch!

Window tinting also provides two safety measures. First, by preventing passersby from seeing in, it can also help prevent them from breaking in!  They can’t see if there are valuables inside and they can’t see if YOU are inside.  They will likely continue on to an easier vehicle.  Second, if one of your windows is somehow broken, the window tinting helps hold the shards of glass together which can prevent you from being hurt by flying glass.

If the living area of your RV is kept at a more comfortable temperature due to window tinting, then you may not need to run the overhead air conditioner.  This will help with your fuel efficiency while driving.  This may be a noticeable benefit with high fuel prices.

And, most importantly, window tinting protects you, your loved ones, and your pets from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  This helps to protect you from skin cancer and the aging effects of the sun on your skin like “age spots.”  Our professional window tint rejects up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays offering you some helpful protection from the sun!

Solar Solutions Offers Expert Window Tinting

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) window tinting jobs rarely turn out right.  They often result in ugly bubbles which make it difficult to see out your windows.  Safety is important when driving and being able to see out your windows properly is extremely important!  Solar Solutions has been serving the Vero Beach and Sebastian areas for almost a decade.  Our owner, Brian Schauder, has been in the industry for almost 30 years.  Window tinting requires professional installation to be done properly.  Our high-quality products also help ensure a beautiful result.  So, before you head out to parts unknown this summer, give us a call and make an appointment.  Doesn’t your home on wheels deserve a little love?

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