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August 15, 2022

3 Reasons To Get New Car Tint In Vero Beach Today


In the hot Vero, Florida sun there are a couple of ways that you can keep cool. By far the easiest way is to get some brand new tint installed on your car. Recent studies have demonstrated that tint on windows can reduce heat by close to about 48% from outside temperatures on hot days! There honestly is no reason to not get some new tint

There are 3 reasons why everybody should get a new car tint today. First, studies have demonstrated that tint keeps drivers safer over the long term by preventing glare. Second, the tint will keep your car nice and cool during the hot summer heat. Third, prevents prying eyes from easily noticing the contents of your car.

When you think of all things window tint you should think about us here at Solar Solutions of Vero. We can put tint on almost all forms of glass from vehicles to residential. Our products are built to last and we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion on your individual tinting needs.

Here are the 3 reasons that everybody should get new car tint in Vero Beach today!

Studies Have Demonstrated That Car Tint Keeps Drivers Safe By Reducing Glare

A 2008 study performed by a team of scientists found that placing window tint on the front windshield of a car would significantly reduce total glare buildup in the cabin.

Glare is one of the most dangerous things to drivers and is a major problem in Florida where the sun is out year-round. Drivers who don’t install tint end up risking being blinded by the sun and swerving on the road.

I am sure it has happened to all of us here in Vero. Driving over the Merrill Barber Bridge in the morning and heading to the beach will blind you as you drive eastward. You can’t look away as the sun creates a massive amount of glare off your window and as a result, you are essentially driving blind.

Window tint can solve this problem. We here at Solar Solutions of Vero place great pride in our product’s ability to help people drive safely around the greater Vero region. If our tint helps save just one person from an un-needed crash then I say the tint more than pays for itself.

As such, one of the major reasons everybody should get new car tint in Vero today is because it will significantly reduce glare.

Car Tint Keeps You Cool During The Hot Florida Summer heat

While most people think this is obvious many don’t truly understand just how much tint helps to keep you cool during the summer.

A car without window tint here in Vero can easily turn into an oven during the summer. We have seen internal car temperatures reach upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit on some of the hottest days. This is an unacceptable temperature for a car and nobody should have to drive in such conditions.

Without tint, many people have to max out their A/C just to keep cool. While this is a temporary fix eventually your A/C will break from overuse and this will lead to costly car repairs.

As such it should come as no surprise that one of the easiest ways to keep your car cool in the hot Vero summer heat is to install tint. Our clients notice an immediate difference after having their tint installed and we stand by our product’s ability to deliver the most cost-effective way to reduce heat buildup in the industry.

Car Tint Prevents Prying Eyes From Seeing The Contents Of Your Vehicle

One of the easiest ways to prevent theft or an invasion of privacy is to install a car tint. From far away it is nearly impossible to see the contents of a car that has tint.

Across the United States, people are having to hide their belongings in their cars. Unfortunately, as the population increases so does the likelihood that you will have your car broken into by a thief looking to take something.

Window tint protects you and your belongings by making it hard for a potential thief to spot valuable items in your car. A car without tint just has windows that can be easily looked through by anybody. Vehicles with tint here in Vero offer supreme protection from prying eyes. If we can prevent just one theft from your car the tint would have paid for itself.

On top of this car window tint also helps to protect your privacy while on the road. I don’t know about you but I enjoy knowing that with car window tint I am a bit more secure and private here in Vero, Florida. Our clients feel the same way which is why they come to us for all of their window tinting needs.

As such the third reason why everybody should get a new car tint in Vero Beach is that it helps protect your vehicle and your privacy.


Those are the 3 major reasons to get a new car tint in Vero Beach today.

There really is no reason to not get a car’s windows tinted in Florida. It only helps and costs a very minimal amount when compared to other alternatives. The team here at Solar Solutions Window Tinting aims to give you the absolute best tinting products at the most cost-effective prices. If you are ever in the market for a new tint on any window then reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion on your individual needs.

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