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October 13, 2022

Best Window Tinting in Vero Beach

Professional Window Tinting

If you are in the market for window tinting for your vehicle, then you are likely wondering where you can get the absolute best window tinting in your area.  It is essential to choose the best company that offers the best products or you will end up with a less-than-desirable outcome.  What does that look like? A shoddy window tint will bubble and even peel making your car look shabby.  Poor window tinting on your vehicle, such as the back window, can make seeing your surroundings and other cars difficult which is a safety hazard. 

Solar Solutions is the best window tinting company in Vero Beach, Florida.  Our owner, Brian Schauder, has been working in the industry for almost thirty years!  Brian holds over sixteen certifications and state accreditations for window film and installations.

Brian stays current with the newest products on the market to ensure he is always offering the best products to his clients.  With the best products combined with his years of expertise, you can be sure that Solar Solutions is the right window tinting company for you!

Why Is Solar Solutions the Best?

Solar Solutions offers premium window tint, professional service, upfront pricing, and quality installation.  We also offer guaranteed satisfaction.  We are licensed and certified.  We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated.  When we give you a quote that is the price you will pay – no surprises!  With the highest quality products and trained installers, we know you will leave fully satisfied!

We use Solar Gard’s Panorama line of window tint.  In order to install Panorama window tint, our installers had to go through a certification product.  If installers have not been certified, they are not allowed to carry this elite line of products.  Panorama window tint comes with the Premier Plus warranty offering generous coverage and one of the longest-lasting warranties in the industry! 

Don’t equate elite products and expert installation with “expensive.”  Solar Solutions prides itself on offering reasonable rates to lend to customer satisfaction.  We hope to see our customers return for all their window tinting needs.  The best products, the best installers, and great prices – that is why we are the best!

What Is the Darkest Legal Tint in Florida?

Maybe you love that sleek, blacked-out look that you see on other cars and are considering it for your ride.  At Solar Solutions, we are familiar with the Florida laws in order to comply with them, but you may be wondering what the darkest legal tint in Florida is.

While you may think that you should be allowed to tint your windows as dark as you wish, window tint laws have been in place in Florida since 1991.  Let’s take a look at the specific allowances.

Your windshield can only have a non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.  This is a line designating where you can have tint on your windshield.  Before you get upset and start yelling about “fighting the man,” understand that this is a safety precaution as are all window tint laws.  It is vital, even life or death, that you can clearly see your surroundings and other vehicles.

For sedans, the front side seat windows may be up to 28% tint darkness.  The back side seat windows and rear window may be up to 15% tint darkness.  For SUVs, the windshield and front side seat windows have the same restrictions.  The back side windows and rear window may be up to 6% tint darkness.  

There are also laws regarding the tint reflection that is allowed.  For both sedans and SUVs, the front side windows must not be more than 25% reflective.  The back side windows must not be more than 35% reflective.  Don’t get too caught up on these numbers though.  At Solar Solutions, it is our job to keep up with all state regulations, and we would never tint your windows outside of those regulations.

What You Should Do When You’re Ready to Get Your Windows Tinted

For timely, efficient, professional window tinting, give us a call at Solar Solutions.  We will provide you with a quote and upon your approval, we will set your appointment.  Using our outstanding Panorama products, our expert installers will have your car looking beautiful upon your return.  We let you know when your car is ready for you.  Window tinting doesn’t have to be time-consuming, stressful, or difficult when you choose the best window tinting company in Vero Beach!

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