November 18, 2022

Should I Get My Home’s Windows Tinted Before the Holidays?

Residential window tinting

Did you know that window tint on your home rejects heat and helps keep the interior of your home more comfortable by maintaining a stable temperature?  There are multiple benefits to having your home’s windows tinted.  This article is going to tell you 4 main benefits of having your residential windows tinted before the holidays.  If you have company coming for the holidays, then now is the time to get your windows tinted and achieve the level of comfort that will make your holidays more enjoyable than ever before.

While there are many benefits to having your home’s windows tinted, in this article we will discuss four specific benefits to having your home’s windows tinted prior to the holidays.  We will discuss how window tinting rejects heat, maintains your home’s temperature, offers additional security, and lowers your energy bill.  If you are ready to experience these amazing benefits, then read on to learn more about them and who you can contact for expert window tinting in the Vero Beach area.

Solar Solutions, located in Vero Beach, FL has been serving Vero Beach and the surrounding communities for almost a decade.  Our owner, Brian, has been working in the window tinting industry for over 25 years.  We are experts in residential, vehicle, and commercial window tinting.  We offer the highest quality products, Solar Gard and Panorama, to produce the highest quality window tint installation.  We believe that the 4 main benefits discussed below will convince you that tinting your windows prior to the holidays is the right choice for you!

4 Main Benefits to Residential Window Tinting Prior to the Holidays

  1. REJECTS HEAT – We all know that the holiday season in Florida is a bit unpredictable, but the average high temperature on the east coast of Florida is 78 degrees in November and 73 degrees in December. Some years, the holidays are actually cold which can be exciting for Floridians! Other years, you may be spending Christmas in shorts and a tank top!  On those hot days, the last thing you want is for your house to be hot and uncomfortable for all your guests gorging on turkey or opening brightly wrapped packages.  Heat rejection is a major benefit of window tinting.
  1. MAINTAINS TEMPERATURE – We all know that a house full of people can feel hot and stuffy pretty quickly.  If it’s warm outside, it may warm up inside even faster.  Maybe you are tired of sweating through Thanksgiving dinner!  Window tinting helps to maintain your home’s temperature.  While rejecting heat, the window tint also helps your home to maintain a more consistent temperature which makes it much more comfortable inside.  Your home won’t heat up ridiculously, causing you to run to the thermostat, drop it down to 65 degrees, and pray it doesn’t take four hours to get that cool.  Instead, your home will maintain a rather consistent temperature, keeping all your guests comfortable.
  1. ADDITIONAL SECURITY – While this will not affect your guests, a great benefit to tinting your home’s windows is the additional security that window tint offers.  When you have stacks of gifts in the living room, then leave the house for hours, you won’t need to worry about people seeing all your glittery treasures.  Reflective window tint makes it impossible for passersby to see into your home. An additional security feature is that our window tint holds shards of glass together if a window gets broken.  So, if little Tyler chucks his newly-gifted baseball through the living room window (accidentally, of course), bits of glass will not fly everywhere causing a mess or endangering others.  While this may not make your home comfortable in the way that rejecting heat or maintaining temperature does, it will certainly make you feel more comfortable knowing that your home is a little safer.
  1. LOWER ELECTRIC BILL – That probably got your attention!  That’s right – if none of the above three reasons convinced you, Reason #4 should tip the scales for you.  Having your home’s windows tinted can save you up to 30% on your home’s energy bill.  If you are having guests for Christmas for even a day, it can affect your electric bill, and if you have guests staying for a week or two, you may really see a difference in your energy bill!  Get your windows tinted before the holidays, and save money where you can!


Having your home’s windows tinted prior to the holidays is a great decision.  With excellent heat rejection, maintaining a consistent temperature, adding security to your home (and peace of mind for you), and a lower electric bill, what’s not to love about Solar Solution’s window tint?  We offer free estimates, competitive pricing, the highest quality products, and expert installation with decades of experience.  Give us a call now to set up your free estimate, then sit back and relax in your comfortable holiday haven!

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