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January 13, 2023

5 Unusual Windows that Need Tinting


Cars and regular house windows aren’t the only windows that need tinting.  There are 5 unusual windows that you may have but completely overlooked when it came time for window tinting. This article is going to talk about those overlooked windows and why they would benefit from window tinting. Read on to discover what windows you may have forgotten about that are crying out for window tint!

There are 5 unusual windows that are often overlooked when it comes to window tinting:  garage door windows, front door windows, motorcycle windows, boat windows, and RV windows.  These windows would all benefit from window tinting just as much as car and home windows.

We have all seen cars, homes, and commercial buildings with tinted windows.  You probably have some tinted windows yourself since many cars come with tinted windows directly from the factory now.  There are some unusual windows that you may have in your life that would also benefit from window tinting, so let’s explore those windows a little more.

#1  Garage Door Windows

Many garage doors have multiple small windows across the top of the door.  Your garage may also have a regular window on the side or both sides depending on how it is attached to your home.  All of these windows would benefit from tint.  Why?  You most likely store things in your garage that are sensitive to heat, from gas cans to old family photos.  Tinting your garage door or side windows will help to regulate the temperature in your garage preventing it from getting as hot as it does without tint.  Additionally, reflective tint provides security as people can’t peek into your garage as they walk by to see what they might like to take when you aren’t home!

#2  Front Door Windows

Many front doors have a window feature to add to the beauty of the front door.  There is nothing wrong with that.  People don’t realize that any untinted glass allows UV rays to enter your home, increasing the temperature and the wear and tear on your interior.  UV rays love to fade things like furniture and flooring.  When you have your residential windows tinted, don’t forget about your front door glass.

#3  Motorcycle Windows

You are probably thinking, “Motorcycles don’t have windows.”  You are correct.  Technically, it would be your motorcycle’s windshield that needs tinting.  While riding your motorcycle, you are exposed to the sun.  Tinting your motorcycle’s windshield can’t help with that too much since you are literally outside while on your motorcycle.  However, tinting the windshield can reduce road glare which makes riding safer, and we want you to be as safe as possible while enjoying the open road.

#4  Boat Windows

If your boat does not have an enclosed cabin, then it would only be the windshield that needs tinting.  As with a motorcycle, a tinted boat windshield won’t do too much to protect you from the sun.  However, it will help with glare off the water.  This can actually help you not get as sunburned.  It will also help protect your eyes.  And, it makes boating safer when you aren’t fighting that wicked glare off the water.  If you have an enclosed cabin, then tinting the cabin windows will have some of the same benefits as tinting your home’s windows.  It will help regulate temperature making it more comfortable in the cabin.  It will also help protect your interior from sun damage, such as fading or cracking.

#5  RV Windows

If your RV didn’t come with tinted windows, then we highly suggest having them tinted.  Perhaps, they are tinted but you would like a darker tint or a reflective tint.  Your RV is essentially a home on wheels.  Tinting the windows helps to regulate temperature, keeping the interior more comfortable.  It helps preserve your A/C and heating units as they don’t have to switch on and off as frequently when the temperature is well-regulated.  It also helps protect the interior from fading and the upholstery from fading and cracking.

In Conclusion

Window tinting benefits you in many ways.  Your home, car, and commercial building all benefit from it, but don’t forget those less common windows/windshields:  your garage door, your front door, your motorcycle, your boat, and your RV!  At Solar Solutions, we tint all of these windows.  We offer free estimates.  Most tinting jobs can be done in one day, even average-size homes!  If you want professionalism and high-quality products, then Solar Solutions in Vero Beach, FL, is the window tinting company for you!

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