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February 15, 2023

What Are the Best Window Tint Brands?


Have you ever seen cars with bubbles all over their tinted windows?  Do you wonder how those people even see out their back window?  Professional window tinting with high-quality products is how you prevent window tinting bubbles.  This article is going to tell you about the best window tint brands and where to get your windows tinted.  If you have bubbly windows or are window tint shopping, then you need a professional window tint installer who uses the highest quality products.

Solar Gard offers the best window tint.  They make multiple products allowing you to choose the tint that is best for your needs and budget.  Their premier line is Panorama window tint.  And, Solar Solutions in Vero Beach, FL, is one of the only window tinting companies in Florida that is an authorized Panorama dealer. 

There are some things in life where quality truly matters.  Window tinting is one of those things.  Cheap window tint will bubble or even peel off.  Bubbled window tint can be very difficult to see through, actually causing it to become a driving hazard that endangers you, your passengers, and those in the cars around you.  Having high-quality window tint installed by a professional is the only way to ensure that your windows look fantastic and give you clear visibility.  So, what are the best window tint brands, and where should you go to get your windows tinted?

#1 Solar Gard

Solar Gard is a high-quality window tint available for cars, commercial buildings, and residences.  Solar Gard is a division of Saint-Gobain that began in France over 350 years ago.  It began as a mirror manufacturer and moved on to become a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets.  The company prides itself on embracing sustainability, using recyclable materials, and reducing its carbon footprint.  

In your home and workplace, Solar Gard can help lower your energy bill by up to 30 percent, thereby helping to reduce your carbon footprint too!  Solar Gard tint reduces glare which makes driving safer.  Solar Gard tint is designed to retain shards of glass if a window is broken.  This helps protect you from injury and makes clean-up much easier.  

Solar Gard offers an industry-leading warranty.  They aren’t afraid to do this because their products are engineered to last a lifetime.  Solar Gard uses the best adhesives, so you never have to worry about your window tint peeling.  

#2 Panorama

Panorama window tint is part of the Solar Gard family.  We wanted to list it, as well, because it is the premier Solar Gard window tint.  Panorama is unique in that it is not available to all window tinting professionals.  In order to install Panorama window tint, you must be an authorized dealer who has been trained and certified by Solar Gard.  Panorama dealers/installers must commit to continuing education in the field.  Panorama window film comes with the Premier Plus warranty.  You can’t go wrong with any Solar Gard products, but Panorama is their premier tint.

Where Can I Get Solar Gard or Panorama Tint Installed?

Solar Solutions in Vero Beach, FL, is one of the only window tinting companies within Florida that is an authorized Panorama dealer!  For Solar Gard window tint, including their premier Panorama window tint, Solar Solutions is the place to go!  With almost 30 years in the industry, continuing education, and a commitment to excellence, your car, home, or commercial building is in the best hands when Solar Solutions is your window tint installer!

In Conclusion

If your car, home, or commercial building is in need of window tinting, then Solar Gard is the window tint for you.  With multiple tints in the Solar Gard family, you will find the tint that meets your needs and budget.  Panorama is their premier window tint, and Solar Solutions is where you can have it installed.  If you want to save on your energy bill, protect the interior of your car, home, or building from sun damage, and reduce your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, then it’s time to get your windows tinted!  Give Solar Solutions a call today!

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