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April 5, 2023

Does Professional Window Tinting Make a Difference?


What do bubbles, wrinkles, and peeling all have in common?  No, they are not part of a rare skin condition (gross!).  That is what happens as a result of shoddy window tint.  We are going to discuss the fact that professional window tinting makes a difference, the how and the why of it.  If you are already a victim of bad window tint or are considering having your windows tinted, then this article is for you.

Professional window tinting makes a definite difference.  For window tint that lasts, looks good, and allows you to see out your windows, there is no other option than having your windows professionally tinted.  Otherwise, you may experience bubbles, wrinkles, and peeling – all signs of cheap window tint or improperly applied window tint.

While most new cars now come out of the factory with some window tint, at least on the upper portion of the windshield, many people desire tint on all the vehicle’s windows.  Additionally, people choose to have their home’s windows tinted or their commercial building’s windows tinted.  Regardless of the tint being applied to a car’s windows, a home’s windows, or a commercial building’s windows, having the window tint professionally applied is imperative.

Is Bubbling, Wrinkling, and Peeling Really a Problem?

Yes, bubbling, wrinkling, and peeling are big problems.  Obviously, it doesn’t look nice when your tint starts to bubble, wrinkle, or peel, but that is not the main issue.  When your windows start to have tint issues, it can impair your visibility while driving.  That is a huge issue as it endangers you, as well as the drivers around you.  So, it looks tacky, and more importantly, it is not safe.

Does the Brand of Window Tint Make a Difference?

The brand of window tint absolutely makes a difference.  If you choose to do a do-it-yourself window tinting job, you will not have access to the highest quality tints which can only be obtained by certified experts.  Also, if you go to a window tinting shop that does cheap window tinting jobs, they are likely using low-quality products in order to keep the cost down.  This can initially be attractive to you as a customer because you may pay less, but ultimately, you get what you pay for – bubbling, wrinkling, and peeling.

Does Hiring a Professional Make a Difference?

It is always the best option to choose a professional.  If you go with a less expensive window tinting professional, with proper application, the cheap tint may not cause you issues as soon.  But, don’t be fooled, because those issues are likely lurking just around the corner.

Choosing a reputable shop that uses high-quality products is always the best choice.  It will cost you a little more, but your results will be beautiful and long-lasting.  And, window tinting is not that expensive, so it is worth paying a little more to have a trained professional apply a high-quality tint.

Where Can I Go To Get My Windows Tinted?

We are so glad that you asked because we have the answer!  Solar Solutions, located in Vero Beach, is a locally owned and operated window tinting business.  You can usually have your vehicle back the same day!  You may be surprised to know that we can also usually complete an average-size home (approx 2000 sq ft or less) in a day!  

Solar Solutions proudly serves our surrounding communities, such as Sebastian and Fort Pierce.  While you would need to bring your car to our on-site location, we would obviously come to you for your home or commercial building!

What Makes Solar Solutions Special?

Our owner, Brian has been working in the window tinting industry for almost 30 years!  He holds over 16 certifications and state accreditations for window film and installation.  He is truly an expert.  

Besides our expertise, we offer only high-quality window tint.  We offer a variety of tints to fit your needs and budget, but none are low-quality!  We carry Solar Gard and Panorama window tints.  In order to sell and apply Panorama window tints, you must be a trained and authorized dealer.  

Solar Solutions believes in providing the best for our customers – the best products, the best installation, and the best customer service.  We know for a fact that professional window tinting DOES make a difference, and we look forward to showing you that difference!  Call today for your appointment with Solar Solutions!

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