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May 10, 2023

Does Window Tinting Take a Long Time?


Did you know you could have your whole house’s windows tinted in a day?  It’s true!  An average-sized house, approximately 2,000 square feet or less can be completed in one day when done by a professional.  As discussed in our last blog, it is always worth it to have a professional complete any window tinting job, from the windows in your car to a large commercial building. 

The process of window tinting does not take a long time, particularly when completed by a professional.  A car or average-sized home can be completed in one day.  A large commercial building or a building with many uniquely shaped windows may take longer.

In this article, we will discuss if window tinting takes a long time, give you a brief reminder on the importance of hiring a professional, explain why you may have to wait a while before getting an appointment, and even discuss a career opportunity in the window tinting industry!  This article has important and interesting information that anyone interested in window tinting needs to know!

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

As mentioned above, when you have your windows tinted by a professional it does not take long.  A non-professional may take longer as they don’t fully know the proper steps to take to ensure an excellent tinting outcome.  They may have to stop frequently to reference directions or even re-do some of their work. 

Most vehicles and average-sized homes can be completed in a day when done by a professional.  This does not mean that a professional rushes, far from it.  Each stage of the tinting process must be done properly to achieve the desired outcome.  However, a professional can complete the process in a smooth, timely manner.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

As discussed in last month’s blog, hiring a professional for window tinting is essential.  If you do not hire a professional, you may experience bubbling, wrinkles, or peeling.  Not only does this cause your windows to look unattractive, but it is also a hazard as it can impair how well you can see your surroundings, including other cars.

Will I Have to Wait Long for an Appointment?

The labor industry, in general, is experiencing a major workforce shortage.  During the COVID shutdown, many people found stay-at-home jobs and did not return to their previous jobs.  Additionally, many companies have added and maintained stay-at-home positions which have given people more incentive to work from home causing a shortage in the outside labor workforce.  Working from home has been a blessing for many people, such as those with young children who no longer have to pay for daycare, allowing them to keep more of their paycheck.

However, many jobs cannot be done from home.  The employers of these businesses are finding it difficult to fill positions.  This means that they are often left to do the job of multiple people by themselves if they want to stay in business.  According to an article on the website of the National Governor’s Association, “Although the economy has regained the 20 million jobs lost during the pandemic, the United States is facing a labor shortage. There are over 10 million job openings in the United States right now – but only 5.7 million unemployed workers actively looking for work.  Compared to February 2020, nearly 3 million fewer Americans are participating in the labor force, leading to critical shortages in key sectors like health care, education, and manufacturing.”

According to Brian Schauder, owner of Solar Solutions in Vero Beach, FL, a locally owned and operated window tinting business, this is exactly what is happening in his industry and in his personal business.  He would like to remind potential customers that while you may have to wait longer than before to get an appointment, your window tinting job will be done professionally and efficiently.  It is worth the wait when you hire a professional! 

Are You Interested in the Window Tinting Industry?

On that note, if you are one of the 5.7 million unemployed workers who are actively looking for employment, now is the perfect time to learn a new trade!  Do you live locally in Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, or Sebastian?  If you have previous experience with window tinting or are interested in learning how to become a window tinting professional, then please contact Brian at Solar Solutions today!  He would love to pass on his knowledge and make you a part of the team at Solar Solutions.


Wait times may be a little longer right now, but having your window tinting done by a professional is always worth the wait!  Once it’s time for your appointment at Solar Solutions, your window tinting will be done with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.  And, if you are looking for a job in the window tinting industry, then please contact us.  Solar Solutions looks forward to serving our future customers and hiring our future employees!

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