November 14, 2023

Transforming Healthcare Spaces With Wall Wraps


We’ve all been to the dentist or the hospital this year… right… RIGHT?

Even if you haven’t, you know that any white wall office in a dentistry and hospital can make your visit feel worse that it really is. We have a wonderful solution for all healthcare offices – wall wraps!

Here’s how Wall Wraps contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere in various healthcare settings.

Aesthetics Matter

The visual appeal of a healthcare space is not just about decoration; it’s a powerful tool for influencing emotions and perceptions. Solar Solutions goes beyond the conventional by creating wall wraps that serve as therapeutic visual elements. Understanding the psychological impact of colors and patterns, these wraps are meticulously designed to reduce the clinical ambiance, promoting a calming atmosphere. From soft pastels to nature-inspired motifs, the aesthetics of these wall wraps play a pivotal role in shaping the overall patient experience.

For instance, consider the image above—a testament to Solar Solutions’ expertise. This mural, created for a dentistry, transformed a plain white wall into a calming masterpiece. The white branches with leaves create an environment that eases patient stress during oral surgery, showcasing how thoughtful design can positively impact the patient experience.

Branding and Identity

It’s not just about logos and fancy words; it’s like telling a cool story about the place. We turn walls into these awesome murals that have the healthcare center’s logo, mission statements, and cool pictures. It’s not just decoration; it’s like making the place feel friendly and purposeful.

Imagine walking into a healthcare spot, and you see their logo and little sayings on the walls. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re here to take care of you!” The pictures and designs they pick aren’t just random—they’re like a friendly hello. When you see these things, you instantly know you’re in the right place. It’s like seeing a familiar face. Solar Solutions doesn’t just make walls look good; they make them feel good too. It’s like a warm welcome, telling you they’re ready to help and make you feel at home.

Patient Distraction and Comfort

Let’s talk about the psychological magic they work. White walls might be clean, but they lack emotion. Solar Solutions understands that colors and patterns have a powerful impact on how people feel. By thoughtfully choosing soothing hues and calming designs, they turn the clinical atmosphere into a space that’s comforting and inviting.

Now, when it comes to the little ones and healthcare, we have a trick up our sleeve. We know that vibrant colors turn the doctor’s visit an adventure rather than something scary. Children’s healthcare spaces get a splash of lively colors and playful designs – to make the experience delightful and less intimidating for the little ones.

Easy Maintenance and Longevity:

Creating a welcoming environment is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about practicality. Solar Solutions’ wall wraps are designed for easy maintenance without compromising on visual appeal.

For everyday dirt, a mix of mild soap and warm water does the trick. Simply clean from the bottom up, rinse from the top down, and gently blot dry for a spotless finish. Deeper stains? No worries. A slightly stronger detergent can handle them, but it’s always wise to test a small spot first.

Avoiding abrasive cleaners is the golden rule, and for added caution, steer clear of solvent-based agents, lacquer thinners, nail polish removers, or pine oi.

All our wall wraps come with a laminate applied, ensuring it remains fresh, vibrant, and ready to transform your space for years to come. Easy care, lasting beauty—Solar Solutions has your walls covered.

Solar Solutions stands at the forefront of redefining healthcare environments through the transformative power of wall wraps. From the artistry of healing walls to the practicality of maintenance and the incorporation of therapeutic elements, each aspect plays a crucial role in shaping the patient experience.

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